Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 42


For a breakdown of my routine click here

My knee really hurt all day, I wore my newly purchased knee support for cardio- by cardio I mean step touching for fear of making my knee worse! And I just stuck to 30 mins, which I will do until it is completely better. Toning/muscular structure wise I did Teen meta 1 warm up, Tracy Anderson Net 24 for the first time, Band workout which I actually seem to be getting worse at, Eva Fraser facial routine 4,  whoa nice abs, score a sexy cleavage, Tracy Anderson Wedding workout, Get Shakira’s waist, Dr Oz Abcentric, Daily Candy Outer thighs and some leg stretches.  I’ve got to say I actually really enjoy exercising! 🙂

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 41

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 43

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