Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 44


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Today I did Teen meta 1 warm up, I attempted and failed at a couple of different Tracy Anderson magazine routines- some of them are SO hard! I did however manage Cosmo Flat Tummy, Get Slimmer leaner legs and Sculpt a tight butt, band workout, 30 mins of step touching for cardio, score a sexy cleavage, Eva Fraser facial routine 1, Daily Candy Outer thighs, Get Shakira’s waist, and leg stretches.

My waist is still really nice and small which is amazing because I haven’t been watching what I eat and for ages I’ve only managed step touching for cardio so I’m pretty impressed 🙂 I suppose like Tracy says “consistency is key” and the fact that I’ve regularly been exercising the last couple of weeks means that it’s doing me some good.

Tomorrow is my day off and then the day after that is my FINAL HAMPTONS workout day- yay! 😀 Really excited to finally nail it and then start a new routine.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 43

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