Urban Rebounder


Prior to investing into the quality piece of equipment that is the Urban Rebounder I bought a cheap mini trampoline/rebounder from Argos. Unfortunately it just wasn’t up to my hard core workouts (ahem) and proceeded to break. I decided for my next rebounder purchase I would have to buy something decent so why look no further then Tracy Anderson? Tracy Anderson used Urban Rebounders to train Madonna and her dancers while on tour and can be seen using it in her Tel Aviv cardio webisode.

The Urban Rebounder comes with a bar which I suppose you hold on to, to stop you bouncing and losing control and hitting the ceiling or landing on the floor! Thankfully this is detachable and to be honest you don’t really need it. I bought my Urban Rebounder in 2009 and it’s survived many hours of bouncing up and down as well as a 13 hour flight.

I bought this off ebay as unfortunately Urban Rebounders only seem to be available in the US.

Check out the following exercise routines which require a rebounder/mini trampoline:

Tracy Anderson Good Morning America Rebounder Cardio

Tracy Anderson Fox and Friends Rebounder

Tracy Anderson Mini-Trampoline Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini-Trampoline Workout

Tracy Anderson Tel Aviv Trampoline Cardio

Tracy Anderson GMTV Mini Trampoline Cardio

Tracy Anderson QVC Mini Trampoline Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout

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