Meta band


Welcome to my favourite piece of Tracy Anderson equipment! It’s just like the resistance band but the ends are joined together so it makes a circle. It’s better to use then the stretchy band as it’s more obvious how you’re supposed to hold it rather then trying to grip it in your hand in an uncomfortable position. It’s still hard work though and I would say harder to use then weights but it’s great to have some new equipment and variation to workouts. And it’s such a novelty and really fun to use! Tracy developed this for Teen Meta and wisely included it in the packaging for teen meta which is a good way to make people buy your product rather then using


Update. 7th February 2014 This may no longer be my favourite piece of Tracy Anderson equipment as after using it 6 times for the Teen Meta routine it snapped!!


I’m still waiting to hear if I can get a replacement…

Update! 4th March 2014

I received my “replacement” meta band and it was this:

photo (15)

Which measures as being 30.3cm. So the wrong band. Helpfully Laurie (who works at Tracy Anderson) is to the rescue and I will receive the correct band…

Update! 10th April 2014 At last I have my new meta band!!! (The band at the bottom)

photo (14)

It feels a lot more smooth and luxurious then the original purple band, is very slightly wider and it doesn’t bunch up like the purple band did- so let’s hope it’s easier to use and not as prone to breakages 🙂 However even though it’s the same length as the purple band (45.6cm) it doesn’t stretch anywhere near as far as the purple band so most of the exercises where you’ll need to use it are impossible as you won’t be able to get anywhere as close to the range of motion.

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8 thoughts on “Meta band

  1. Michelle Styles

    It is also used in Meta Continuity 3.1. There have been a few problems with it breaking apparently. And it might be included in Teen Meta but not with 3.1
    But it looks like it is fun and gives a good workout.

  2. Viviana SG

    Thanks for your prompt answer! Are you 100% sure???? Because I found the resistance loops from other brands, and they’re either 15″ or 30″ :s


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