Measurements and FINAL Tracy Anderson Hamptons Days (45 and 46)


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 45 Today was my rest day and it was horrible. I think it was even worse then my rest day last week. In an attempt to stop myself going into a restless hypo mess I went for an hour walk but it made no difference. I was literally desperate to exercise all day!!! Found it really hard to go to sleep, it just wasn’t good. I think next week I’m going to have to go for a 2 hour walk and do some house work. Something I never thought I’d say. I still don’t know if a bit of hoovering is going to cut it though! I’ve thought about maybe doing some yoga but then isn’t that exercise? And I factor yoga into my normal exercise routine anyway. Some people don’t take a rest day, but then isn’t that bad for you? Tracy recommends you take a day off a week. I’m sure it must be good for you to take a day off, it would help though if I had something physically draining to do instead.

Day 46 Maybe my rest day did me some good because my knees/shins stopped hurting! I’ve been thinking about how to overcome the awfulness of the rest day and I’ve decided that along with a walk and house work I’m going to do some tutorials on youtube to Britney and Beyonce dance routines. I’ll post any that I do.

Today was my FINAL day of the haunting Hamptons webisode. I am SO happy it’s finally over and done with! AND I managed all 80 reps of everything without stopping. Although the final ab exercise was unbelievably painful and if I wasn’t faced with having to do it again by not completing all the reps I would’ve definitely stopped half way through. I also did Eva Fraser Facial Routine 2, Cosmo Score a sexy cleavage and some stretches. Cardio wise I had to step touch for an hour as we got in late and I’ve decided if it’s past 11pm then I’ll take my trainers off and step touch to save disturbing the person who’s in the apartment below us. I did really enjoy the cardio and listening to motivating music I am looking forward to actually doing it properly, I just have to make sure I actually get it done earlier in the day.

So on day 47- the day after my final Hamptons routine I took my measurements to see my results and they’re not very good!!!

I wasn’t able to weigh myself as our scales are still being shipped over.

Since 13th May when I last measured myself here are how my measurements have changed:



1cm on my waist

2cm on my abdomen

1cm on my hips

1cm on my calves

1cm on my right thigh

1cm on my upper abs

LOST 3cm off my chest



1cm off my shoulders

1cm off my cheek width (! I always think that sounds way too graphic and ridiculous)

Not really fair! I can’t believe the place where I lost the most is my chest whereas I gained almost everywhere else bar my shoulders?! Who cares about their shoulders? It is annoying because I put in so much hard work the last couple of weeks and thought my results would be AMAZING, I’ve never done so many days in a row before so it’s annoying that my results don’t reflect my hard work. Maybe because it was close to a rest day my results were bad? Or maybe I had just gained a lot before I started the routine and I’ve got more to come off. Either way I’m not going to let it get to me and I’m going to keep on going. I might concentrate more on what I’m eating and try and do Perricone where I can although it is difficult with limited pots and pans.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 44


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