Tracy Anderson 3lb weights


Previous to buying these weights I only used 1lb weights as I really don’t want to bulk. However some of Tracy’s moves require you to balance on your weight and this is near on impossible if you’re doing this with a tiny 1lb weight. So I bought these lovely bubblegum pink 3 lb weights and I love them! They’re so girlie and lovely, good quality and they do the job.

Check out the routines that only 3lb weights will do the job (mostly to balance on).

Tracy Anderson Venus

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Slim and Sexy All Over

Tracy Anderson ABC Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout

Tracy Anderson Health Strong and Lean in 2013

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Good Morning America

Tracy Anderson Tone Your Upper Arms Workout

Tracy Anderson The Thread JLO

Tracy Anderson Venus Promo for writers JLO

Tracy Anderson A Hot Body at Any Age

Tracy Anderson Christy Turlington E!

How to get a body like Jake Gyllenhaal

Tracy Anderson Health 10 minute Arm Workout for Defined Arms

Refinery29 Body Changing Tips from Tracy Anderson

Nightline Tracy Anderson Trainer to the Stars

Tracy Anderson QVC Mini Trampoline Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout

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