Tracy Anderson Get Bikini Fit in Your 30s Routine Day 4


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Today I managed to do my yoga DVD- I did Rodney Yee for Beginners Energizing Workout which has a great stomach stretching exercise which I found to be really beneficial- I really love yoga! I don’t think I’ve ever done a yoga DVD and not enjoyed it. I then did Teen Meta Level 2 warm up, 30 minutes cardio which was all step touching. I only did 30 minutes instead of an hour because I really couldn’t be bothered to do anymore! I know that’s really bad, normally I push myself as much as I can and only do less if I’m ill or it’s painful. I am definitely finding cardio really repetitive and boring at the moment, even my playlist seems to be rotating really quickly. As I’m without my trampoline at the moment I only have 6 hours and 28 minutes of Tracy Anderson cardio, which does sound like a lot but because I’m currently doing 1 hour of cardio 7 days in a row and then one day off I end up repeating the same cardio in the space of a week. When my trampoline arrives I’ll have an extra 1 hour 40 making it up to 8 hours and 8 minutes of total cardio time which is slightly better as at least it’s over a week’s worth, I think ideally I’d have at least 13 hours of cardio material so at least I wouldn’t repeat the same routine in a 2 week cycle. That being said when you’ve done the same routine over and over it does get boring, I wish Tracy would bring out more cardio material, I understand why she hasn’t as you can repeat the same cardio routines but it’s muscular structure that you need a constant influx of, but her fans would buy new cardio and surely to keep her “at home clients” motivated and not cutting their cardio time in half like I just did is a good aim?

Anyway back to my routine- after my shorter cardio workout I did Tracy Anderson Hello Magazine, Score a sexy cleavage, Dr Oz Abcentric, some leg stretches and then Eva Fraser Facial Routine 1.

Food wise I’m doing really well! Today was a total Perricone friendly day and I’ve noticed a difference already. My blood sugar levels are perfect- I don’t have the usual peaks and dips that I do when I’m eating high glycemic foods like bread so I don’t find that I’m suddenly really hungry and desperate for food, just mildly hungry and then satisfied! No bingeing or snacking, i just need to keep it up- but it’s making me happy 🙂

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