Tracy Anderson Get Bikini Fit in Your 30s Routine Days 7 and 8


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 7 Today was my rest day and thank God it was because I’m ill. I’ve caught some crappy cold thing off my fiance so I overslept and then spent the day lying on the sofa feeling like rubbish. I had planned on going for a 2 hour walk, doing the hoovering and other active things to stop me getting the jitters on a non exercise day, but I didn’t get round to the walk- it got dark by the time I thought about it and when I thought about doing the hoovering it was really late and I didn’t want to wake the neighbours. I did however try out a Britney Spears Slave 4 u dance tutorial! It was pretty fun and doesn’t count as dance cardio so I can get away with doing it on my day off. I did actually crack and did some muscular structure as by this point I was really buzzing and as I hadn’t gone for a walk and wasn’t able to do any hoovering I thought I’d let myself off so I did Tracy Anderson Wedding Workout, from Teen Meta routine 1 the arms section with the meta band and some of the leg reps on the right side before I couldn’t take anymore! And then finally the free arms section (without weights) of Tracy Anderson mat workout dvd. It still really hurt! And sufficiently used enough energy to knock me out.

Day 8 Still ill but determined to be good! I didn’t allow myself online today until I’d done everything else I’d needed to and finished my exercise and as a result I finished my exercise much earlier on- good me! I did Tracy Anderson Teen Meta routine 2 warm up, Bikini fit in your 30s, daily candy outer thighs, Get Shakira’s waist, Tracy Anderson Hello magazine, Eva Fraser facial routine 4, 1 hour cardio and leg stretches. So I did pretty amazingly considering I felt so rubbish! Initially exercising felt really horrible- in fact doing anything felt really horrible but I’m glad that I stuck with it as it did make me feel better, it was good to have a good sweat and gave me more energy. I amazingly managed 1 hour cardio (although it was step touching but I think I can be forgiven) after for so long not being arsed to do more then 30 mins. I really think it’s down to getting it done earlier in the day.

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