Tracy Anderson Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine days 15 and 16


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 15 Another failed rest day! Today was my rest day and the weather was rubbish so I couldn’t go for a big long walk like I intended to so in order to get rid of the jittery excess energy I did the best arm workout ever- Tracy Anderson mat arms and the first two leg moves from Teen Meta Routine 2, just enough to wear me out enough to go to sleep!

Day 16 Today is like a recycled Christmas day! All of our shipping has arrived 😀 And that includes my rebounder, other Tracy Anderson DVDs and magazine workouts, capris, pink ball, ankle weights and 3lb and 5kg weights- hooray! It’s fantastic! So I can basically go exercise mad. The only pieces of equipment that I want that I am yet to acquire is a foam roller, bosu ball, broom/stick(!) and 10kg weight. Today I did Teen Meta warm up, tested 15 reps of all of the 30 day method sequence 1 moves with ankle weights on as I will need to add this on to the end of Perfect Design Series Sequence 1 when I get around to doing it. It was great using ankle weights again, it felt really good and magically boosted my mood- extra endorphins from using weights? And I really like the moves from 30 day method sequence 1- especially when I only have to do 15 reps of each one! The moves are so much easier then the Tracy Anderson moves of late- they work on using unusual angles or unusual sequence of movements rather then impossible balances combined with every piece of exercise equipment! I then did score sexy cleavage, day 10 (hooray!) of Tracy Anderson Wedding workout and 30 mins on my wonderful rebounder!! It was so so good to get on the rebounder again, I definitely worked a lot harder then I have been dragging my feet around for dance cardio, it was a bit challenging so I only did 30 mins but I’m aiming to do 45 minutes next followed by 1 hour all on the rebounder before I go back to dance cardio and I hope that my increased stamina will help me through dance cardio. I did Tracy Anderson Total Body Mini Trampoline workout for the first time and really enjoyed it and I was on a mega high after finishing my exercise, I think this should torch a lot more calories then what I have been doing. I finished with some leg stretches and Eva Fraser facial fitness routine 1.

Another good thing to come of having my shipping arrive is that at last we can actually do some proper cooking so Perricone here I come! 🙂

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