Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method


I really can’t recommend getting this book with DVD enough. I love watching Tracy Anderson interviews or reading articles about her method so 254 pages dedicated to the Tracy Anderson Method is an absolute dream!! This book should hopefully answer all your questions about the method, explain things that maybe didn’t make sense, give you lots of different tips and thoroughly motivate you to get on with it. The book is part biographical part explanation of the method and includes a 30 day bootcamp.


Cardio Sequence 1
Time: 10 minutes
Equipment need: None

Cardio Sequence 2
Time: 10 minutes
Equipment need: None

The book comes with 2 cardio workouts and I love this cardio- it’s so easy!! Which is probably not something I should be looking for when it comes to cardio but this is really good and not off putting. This is the first unchoreographed dance routine that Tracy’s released, the editing is pretty shoddy but the ease of the moves makes up for it. Both start off with some easy side to side stepping and grapevines so you don’t even have to jump to begin with and about 3/4s through you do some squats and stretches and standing abs which is so much easier then jumping up and down. Both cardio sequences share the same moves but the order is just different.

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Muscular Structure
This are 3 different muscular structure routines each to be done in 10 days. I actually completed this book when it first came out but I’ve decided to do it again because when I first did it I did it without ankle weights. With regards to reps and ankle weights Tracy recommends that you just do 20 reps of each move to start with and then if that’s easy add 5 more reps the next day and then so on. If you are able to do 60 reps 3 days running with perfect form then the following day you can add ankle weights but reduce the reps back down to 40. Now this doesn’t actually work, if you’re doing that routine as Tracy suggested this is what your routine will look like:

Day 1: 20 reps
Day 2: 25 reps
Day 3: 30 reps
Day 4: 35 reps
Day 5: 40 reps
Day 6: 45 reps
Day 7: 50 reps
Day 8: 55 reps
Day 9: 60 reps
Day 10: 60 reps

So you are actually unable to do 3 days of 60 reps let alone get onto doing ankle weights This is what my routine looked like last time I did it so I’ve decided to do it differently this time. I know Tracy says to start off small but I don’t care! I’m going full throttle and making this as challenging as possible from day one. I really like to know how long my workouts are going to take- hence why I time them beforehand so I can add add-ons if need be to take my muscular structure/toning to a full hour, so if I change the amount of reps I do every day that disrupts this and with every other Tracy workout I do the full reps each day of the 10 days so I’m applying it to this one too.

30 Day Method differs to Metamorphosis in that the layout is legs, stomach and then arms whereas with Metamorphosis it is the complete opposite- why this is I have no idea! A big plus from this is that by the time you get onto arms you’re so worn out that they have to work extra hard and you can really feel it even though no weights are used, I’m sure the high reps also help.

I really like the warm up stretches as each stretch is held for much longer (1 minute) then some of the other warm up stretches and you can feel more of a difference.

When I first got the book I enthusiastically decided to cook some of the recipes and even battled with the confusing cup measurements (I’m from the UK and I got the book shipped over from the US as soon as it was released!). But I don’t think Tracy’s diets are really for me- for a start one of the meals included PASTA!! Which disagrees with my body completely, whereas Tracy is an expert when it comes to exercise she’s certainly not a dietician so I am entrusting my diet with the experts (mainly Perricone!).


Days 1-10
Time: 72 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights

I’ve just finished this workout and I’m on an absolute high! Firstly using ankle weights makes a LOT of a difference (I’ve been without them for a while) and actually makes the workout more enjoyable- I think this is due to the rush of extra stress relieving endorphines which are released when your body is working with more resistance. The extra resistance also makes you really feel the area/s that are targeted. The moves are really good and during the leg series it almost felt cardio like as my heart was pounding so much. The moves are not ridiculously challenging- it’s definitely doable- Tracy works more on angles rather then making you balance in challenging ways such as the dreaded plank and she doesn’t utilise lots of different exercise equipment like she does in other workouts- in fact you don’t even need to use weights for the arm exercises. It is a little confusing as to how many reps you’re supposed to do as in the book we’re told 60 maximum whereas if you watch the DVD it says 40 reps and for the straight leg crunch we’re told to 80! So I’ve used the principals of doing 40 reps of every move where using ankle weights will make a difference (where you move your legs) and 60 reps of the moves where ankle weights won’t make a difference eg arms and basic crunches where your legs stay on the floor. If you follow this, this is what your routine will look like:

There has been an error somewhere as for the first move Tracy demonstrates a different move on the DVD as she does in the book so the best thing to do is to do both!
Move 1 (book- entire move on hands and knees): Bend and kick back: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 1 (DVD starts with a lunge and the down to all fours): Bend and kick back: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 2: Side hip straight leg lift: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 3: Frog cross leg lift: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 4: Diagonal Knee touchdown and leg extension: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 5: Three beats, one lift (not to be confused with 2 girls one cup!): 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 6: Diagonal up and back: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 7: Attitude Butt Lift (this move is done in 2 parts so remember that two leg lifts = 1 rep): 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 8: Straight leg crunches: 80 reps (Underneath this Tracy says you’ll be able to do 80 of these)
Move 9: Crunches with attitude lifts: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 10: Cross leg crunches: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 11: Crunch with leg tuck and extend: 40 reps + ankle weights
Move 12: Connection Push Up: 40 reps + ankle weights of individual legs and 40 reps + ankle weights of legs together. Ignore Tracy when she says just to do 10 reps of each move, it doesn’t seem to make any sense!
Move 13: Arm reach: 60 reps
Move 14: Alternate Arm hit: 60 reps
Move 15: Basketball palm rotation: 60 reps
Move 16: Low W High V Arm reach: 60 reps

Days 11-20
Time: Yet to time
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights and a chair

Days 21-30
Time: Yet to time
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights and a chair

News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Jae,

      No, I’m doing one of Tracy’s magazine workouts at the moment and then I’m moving onto teen meta, method for beginners, precision toning, perfect design series and then back to the bootcamp 🙂 Have you tried the 30 day method?


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