Tracy Anderson Get Bikini Fit in your 30s Day 18 and 19


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 18 For the second day in a row I spent a large amount of the day feeling faint. Why? I really don’t know- I took my iron supplement, ate healthily (fruit, veg, fish, beans) I don’t know what’s going on! 😦 My only hope is that if I start being really good with my eating which is what I’m planning on doing this week the problem go away. I spent much of the day lying down because I felt so out of it. Late in the evening where I did feel better I thought ok I’m going to have to nail the exercise now but I just couldn’t do it! I literally felt like I had exercisers block- think writers block for exercisers- I just really couldn’t face it. I don’t know where this mental block had come from but it was definitely there. Maybe I need to listen to Paul McKenna every night to try and get me in the zone. I did scrape through some muscular structure: I did Teen meta 3 warm up, day 10 of Get Shakira’s waist (the only reason why I did it was because it was my last day of it) Hello magazine, Good Morning America Glutecentric, I couldn’t face the other muscular structure I normally do so I did Fox Ny, SATC and in a bid to try and make myself interested in exercising I did something new- the warm up and arms section from Mini trampoline total body workout for the first time. Then that was it! I DEFINITELY didn’t want to do any cardio, I also didn’t do any leg stretches, chest exercise or face exercises so I’m counting today as my day off and then will carry on with 7 more days before I take another day off. I really need to think of a way around this horrible mental block because obviously I don’t want to resent and put off exercising. Maybe if I make sure the rest of my day is varied and exciting I’ll be able to do it?

Day 19 Feeling a lot better. I took my iron and bought some chromium and ate really well- I think the salmon burgers especially made me feel strong and more with it. I also conquered my exercise today! Today I did 30 day method sequence 1 it was soooo good! I really love using the ankle weights and everything just felt better afterwards including my posture. I worked my stomach a lot (260 reps) and I can already see a difference. I also did score sexy cleavage, Eva Fraser routine 3 and some leg stretches. For cardio I decided to just do 30 minutes step touching as I really didn’t want to push myself after feeling unwell. Tomorrow I’ll aim for 45 minutes. I managed to finish my exercise much earlier in the day and when I get to bed I was worn out in a satisfying kind of way so I went to bed at a decent hour for the first time in ages and slept really well- hooray!

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