Tracy Anderson Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine days 20-26


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 20 I had a really horrible stressful day today. You know one of those days where you keep replaying events over and over in your mind and you can’t stop and it just makes you more and more stressed and more on edge. I was literally so stressed I thought I could cry, I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t hungry, I felt sick, I couldn’t even breathe properly- HORRIBLE! So I thought I’d be nice to myself and give myself the day off exercise because I just couldn’t face anything. I did go for a big long walk to try and calm myself down- it didn’t work. I also did lots of random Tracy Anderson exercises in a bid to wear myself out, it didn’t really work either. Maybe if I’d forced myself to do some cardio I would’ve felt better but you know when you’re so stressed out you literally can’t face certain things and you want to be as nice to yourself as possible? Argh. I really need to find a coping device because I don’t ever want to feel like that again. I listened to Paul McKenna to try and get me to sleep, I tried to distract myself, talk to my family and my fiance, watch comedies, drank lots of water, did deep breathing none of it helped! If there was alcohol in the house I would’ve drank it just to try to relax. Suggestions on calming techniques are definitely welcomed!

Day 21 I actually managed some exercise! I just stuck to muscular structure/toning and didn’t bother doing any cardio as it was a miracle that I could manage any at all! I found the exercises a lot of work I think because my appetite had gone I probably hadn’t eaten enough and my body was really struggling. I did my normal routine and because my facial routine was shorter then 14 minutes I also did Christy Turlington workout and Hamptons detox free arms to make up the extra time.

Day 22 Oh the SHAME! I didn’t workout! Ok I did my facial exercises but that was IT! And I have NO excuses. I’m basically becoming very complacent and I think because I slipped up recently my mindset is oh it doesn’t matter…. wrong!! So I need to get back into it hardcore. I think my approach has to be no internet, no tv until my exercise is done. And try and be a bit more focused on my goal of looking amazing in my wedding dress! Any encouragement is welcome!

Day 23 Nothing! I did plan on doing stuff but then got invited out and got in late. (Poor excuse I know.)

Day 24 My laptop charger stopped working! My workout schedule, all of my Tracy Anderson vids and workout music are stored on my laptop so it was a bit disasterous, I did do the following as I thought that it had almost been a week since I’d last done them and I was able to find the vids online: Tracy Anderson Fox NY, day 10 of Hello magazine and my  facial exercises.

Day 25 Bought a new laptop charger so that problem was solved but then ate some food that disagreed with me and gave me a splitting headache and dodgy stomach all evening so I really didn’t feel up to exercising. Just did Tracy Anderson Sex and the city as if I had left it another day I would have to start again from the beginning and my face exercises.

Day 26 I did it! I had a proper workout day! Muscular structure/toning wise I did Teen Meta routine 3 warm up, tested Tracy Anderson Goop 15 minute workout for the first time. It was pretty hard! Although it was only 30 reps of every move it was actually harder then 30 day method sequence 1 which has higher reps and more moves. I really struggled with the move where you roll into a push up, possibly because the arms moves which were done first were so effective it made the leg work on all fours all the more difficult. The next day I absolutely ached like crazy! I probably should’ve had a workout and recovery juice! I also did Tracy Anderson Fox NY, score sexy cleavage, 30 minutes step touching dance cardio (I didn’t want to push myself as I’d been so unmotivated for so long) Eva Fraser ear massage/circulation and some leg stretches. Although I only did 30 mins cardio my legs started hurting especially my knees and still hurt the next day so I really need to get my body used to dance cardio again.

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