Foam roller


I almost always suffer from shin splints and knee problems and stretching doesn’t really seem to do enough to help it. A few people had mentioned foam rolling to me which sounded like an odd thing to do- but it’s basically like giving yourself a deep tissue massage using the weight of your body on the roller to add the pressure and it should hopefully work by ironing out all the knots in your muscles that which inevitably appear especially if you have been exercising. When you’re feeling achey not only is it unpleasant but you’re less inclined to exercise and what I didn’t realise is that if you get rid of the knots it can actually help you work your muscles more effectively when you are exercising- wow!

So I did some research and it’s best to invest a little bit more and buy a foam roller which is harder as it will last longer and is more likely to get to the knots. A PVC roller is harder then a foam roller but I couldn’t work out where to get one from so bought the hardest foam roller I could find which is the trigger point grid roller which has lots of grooves in it to imitate knuckles. I road tested it and it seems to be doing the job!

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