Tracy Anderson Get bikini fit in your 30s routine days 27 and 28


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 27 I was out for most of the day (I did encounter a changing room and my stomach and arms looked pretty good! Thank you Tracy! Although my legs could be a little better…) and was busy when I got in and just ended up not exercising again bad I know.

Day 28 The missed days of exercise are starting to take their toll and my face and body is getting fatter!! I had some pizza as well today which I’m sure didn’t help- strangely when I exercise regularly I don’t crave junk food and I definitely felt bad after eating it. I actually got my exercise in-hooray! I did my normal routine and hamptons arms, Christy Turlington, 30 minutes step touching dance cardio, leg stretches, eva fraser facial routine and some foam rolling. Today was my second day of foam rolling and I still wanted to cry again while rolling my IT band- will it ever get less painful? I timed my foam rolling and it took 24 minutes, I had planned on doing foam rolling every day but as it’s so time consuming I’m not sure. I try to stick to 1 hour maximum of toning, muscular structure and stretching combined so this coupled with my normal 6 minutes of stretches would reduce my muscular structure/toning time to 30 minutes- 14 of which could be facial toning so 16 minutes of muscular structure isn’t actually that long. But then again I started foam rolling because I always get shin splints and have knee problems so maybe I should stick with it and see how I get on? After exercising I noticed that my mood was definitely boosted so I need to REMEMBER that and not to miss a workout again!

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