2 thoughts on “Random body envy

  1. Rhian Jamieson

    I am very envious of people who are fitter and more toned than I am, but even I know you cant be envious of a 15 year old girl, unless of course you are 15 yourself. We probably all were toned and fit at 15! Be happy with who you are xx

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Rhian and thank you for stopping by to comment!

      The “body envy” term is a bit jokky- it’s basically a bit of motivation to eat well and exercise. These posts are examples of fit and healthy physiques and the age doesn’t really matter! There are actually LOADS of 15 year old who aren’t toned and fit, more then half of America is obese and this extends to teenagers. I personally wasn’t toned and fit at 15! I am happy with who I am thank you xx


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