Tracy Anderson Get bikini fit in your 30s routine days 29-35


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 29 I started off the day really well, I decided to do Perricone’s 3 day facelift diet and I stuck to all the food, got my muscular structure in which was total body mini trampoline warm up, tested shrink you middle….., Christy turlington arms, score sexy cleavage, I waited a while to do my noisy trampolining cardio so not to disturb my fiance working in the next room, I had some melon and then I was really ill!!!!! We’re talking crippling stomach pains, running to the loo, not nice! I ended up having some coke to try and ease my stomach but missed out on anymore exercise. SOOO not fair!

Day 30 Oh dear another day of crippling stomach pains 😦 I slept for the lot of the day and just decided to just do arms exercises as I didn’t want to work my stomach. I did Hamptons arms, Christy turlington, Katie Couric, Net 24, Meta Bonus arms days 91-100 and the arms section from Perfect Design series 1. I also did my facial exercises.

Day 31 Feeling better, I was out for most of the day and as you can tell I’m not really in the “exercise zone”. I’m not motivated at all really! Argh! So I just did a few bits when I got home total body mini trampoline warm up, Sex and the city, Katie Couric and GMA Glutecentric.

Day 32 My fiance and I have devised a way for me to want to work out! For the next 7 days I need to do all my exercise every day and at the end of it my reward is another pair of lululemon exercise briefs! (I really love them!) Today I was busy for much of the day and when I got in I felt quite sick (we’re talking tasting vomit in your mouth feeling!) so I thought it best to keep to just facial exercises. Once most of the food that we have in the house gets eaten I’ve decided to give The Elimination Diet aka Alejandro Junger’s clean diet a go. I would normally always want to go with Perricone but since I was ill earlier in the week while eating Perricone stuff I think it’s best to try something else for the time being. Detox wise I’ve only ever done Carol Vorderman’s and the juice master’s lose 7lbs in 7 days. The juice diet was waaaay too extreme, Carol Vorderman’s is good although not a lot of weight loss from it so it’ll be good to try the elimination diet and be able to have fish. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Day 33 Yet another day of not really being able to face exercise. I just decided the best thing to do was to do some webisodes and I couldn’t really face cardio so I thought something was better then nothing.  I did Christy turlington, Hamptons arms, Net 24, GMA Glutecentric, score sexy cleavage, fox NY, Katie couric, daily candy outer thighs and  Sex and the city. I felt really good after the exercise.

Day 34 I felt very tired as I had a bad nights sleep due to stress so I wasn’t really in the mood to exercise and thought I’d put it off but when I was just about to go to bed I had a sudden erge to exercise! So I did all the webisodes that I could face: total body mini trampoline warm up, Katie couric, Net 24, Hamptons arms, GMA Glutecentric, Christy turlington & my facial exercises. I’m definitely putting on weight, I’m struggling to fit into some of my clothes which is a horrible feeling!

Day 35 I did it! I finally DID A FULL WORKOUT! I did my normal routine. I’ve sort of been undecided about what to do as a full foam rolling takes up quite a bit of time so I’ve decided just to do the leg section of the foam rolling routine and do the upper body part if I’m doing any weighted chest exercises. Even so just with the lower body my foam rolling routine takes 11 minutes so in my workout I’m spending 17 minutes stretching and foam rolling and just 34 minutes on Tracy Anderson exercises- should I be doing more? I also include my facial toning time into my full routine. Tracy says to do a maximum 1 hour muscular structure so that number’s stuck in my head but stretching and facial exercises don’t really count as that so am I missing out? If I was doing yoga I would include that into my 1 hour toning/muscular structure time as it’s still beneficial and working your body. I think I might just see how I get on with what I’m doing- I’m still moving my body and foam rolling and stretching should hopefully prevent me from injuring myself and missing out future workouts. If after a while I feel like I need more time on muscular structure I’ll give myself that. Cardio wise I’ve decided to ease myself back into it gradually as I was suffering from far too many cases of shin splints and painful knees and apparently shin splints can be caused by pushing yourself too much and not slowly scaling up. So I did 10 minutes rebounding and 20 minutes step touching dance cardio. I really enjoyed my trampolining! It’s really good to work up a sweat and get my heart rate going. I was on a total high afterwards and felt really happy so I’m going to keep at it! I want to eventually work up to 1 hour trampolining, by the time I do this hopefully dance cardio will be easier too.

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