Tracy Anderson Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine version 4


This is my exercise routine using the How to design your own exercise routine principals.

Because I’m on my wedding countdown I’m also making sure that every workout day I include abs, arms and legs exercises from Tracy Anderson because I think my body looks best in a wedding dress when it’s been Tracy-Andersonercised!

I’ve decided to change my exercise routine again! I’ve started incorporating foam rolling into my routine in a bid to rid myself of shin splints which now takes up a hefty chunk of my routine so I’ve cut out some of the other stuff I was doing:

Warm up from Total body mini trampoline workout (3 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Womens Health Get Bikini Fit in Your 30s (31 minutes)

Leg stretches (6 minutes)

Foam rolling (11 minutes)

Eva Fraser Facial Fitness  (1-14 minutes)

Some of the Eva Fraser Fitness Routines are less then 14 minutes in which case I will do extra toning to make up for this.

65 minutes.

Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine version 3

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