Results and measurements. Tracy Anderson Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine Days 37-42


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 37 Sooo frustrating!!! Today I was very dull and prioritised applying for jobs over exercise- what the hell is wrong with me?! And as a result I wasn’t able to get all my exercise in 😦 Applying for jobs is so time consuming! I intended to do pilates today, I started off doing the warm up and decided to do pilates after I finished my other muscular structure and cardio, but as it got so late in the day and I rarely can face pilates I ended up doing this instead: Sweaty betty, Hard core, score sexy cleavage, Christy Turlington, hamptons arms, gma glutecentric, jake gyllenhaal, net 24, katie Couric and My last supper. I am really kicking myself for not getting my cardio in as I started off so well! I suppose I need to get up earlier in the day and just get everything done.

Day 38 Went to a BBQ in the middle of the day and planned to once I left do more job applying and exercise. It went on until quite late and I felt that I couldn’t really leave early. When I got back it was so cold that I just snuggled in bed. It’s crap that sometimes to ensure your exercise gets done you need to be anti social or put important aspects of your life on hold. Or maybe I should see it more that if I want to fit in my life as well as my exercise routine I need to GET UP EARLY even if it is the weekend and exercise before I even leave the house!

Day 39 I’m not really sure what happened to me today. My fiance had a massive hangover and I think I caught it too! (I hadn’t been drinking.) I felt tired, lethargic and out of sorts, I really think this is due to not eating properly the day before. I really need to try and be careful with what I eat as my bodies so sensitive. I didn’t feel up to exercising but did some muscular structure before I went to bed: facial toning, My last supper, Christy Turlingtongma glutecentric and jake gyllenhaal.

Day 40 Yes I did pretty awfully. The whole day was dedicated to hardcore job applications and I only managed my facial toning and katie couric. See how easy it is to slip out of a good place?

Day 41 I’m writing this a few days later and I can’t even remember what I did on this day! I checked my planner where I write down what I did and today I only managed  jake gyllenhaall!! What the hell’s wrong with me?!

Day 42 I’ve been feeling a lot more motivated recently thanks to seeing the wedding dress of my dreams! I’ve literally been searching since I got engaged in January so I’m really happy to have found something that I actually like! This has motivated me to exercise like a maniac and look mega mega hot! A lot of today was spent trying to the buy the ingredients for Gwyneth Paltrow recipes- I had to go to 3 supermarkets. I went out for lunch before I went shopping and accidently ordered a salad. I hate salads. I hated this one too- it was smoked salmon and rocket, it tasted really sour and peppery but out of hunger and obligation I ate a lot of it and I actually felt really great afterwards. I’m guessing my body is deprived of whatever goodness is in rocket. It totally put me on a high and sorted out my mood, attention span (I normally don’t have one!) and regulated my blood sugar- the shopping afterwards took ages and normally I would’ve needed a sugary snack or to sit down to stop me feeling faint but this wasn’t the case. So I really need to be better in the future. When I got in I had a Gwyneth smoothie and a lovely fish dish– divine! This sounds like a perfect day but later on in the evening I got really hungry and as we didn’t have any food in the house and the only place that was open was the local shop I had to settle with a chocolate bar. Grr. But I did have lots of lovely energy so I managed to exercise. I did total body mini trampoline warm up, facial toning. I’m now on my 10th week in a row of doing my Eva Fraser exercises, once I finish this week I’m going to do the rio facial toner for a while to see if I get good results from that, but I’m going to miss my Eva Fraser facial exercises! I’ve definitely got results from them. The results aren’t instant but if you persevere you will see them so I’m really happy with that and eager to do some more Eva Fraser facial toning in the future. I also did day 10 of get bikini fit in your 30s. I miscounted and thought it was day 9 so I didn’t really push myself through my reps and didn’t manage all my reps in a row of the difficult glutes burner move so I will carry that move over and keep trying to do it until I can master all 35 reps without stopping. I would’ve done cardio but it was really late so I will start fresh tomorrow 🙂

Results Day Now that I’ve finished 10 workouts of get bikini fit in your 30s it’s time to take my measurements! Before taking these I was preparing myself to have gained everywhere (like I did last time) because I have seriously been slacking with my exercise 😦 And even went so far as to decide to increase my whole routine by 30 minutes in order to combat all my badness- but I needn’t have worried! Since day 1 (exactly 6 weeks ago) this is how my body has changed

Bad news

I gained 2 cms on my shoulders

1cm on my upper abs

Good news

Lost 3 cms off my abdomen (hooray! :D)

I lost 2cms off my waist (my waist and my abdomen have to definitely be my favourite places to lose cms!)

1cm of cellulite

1cm off my calf (I just measured one side)

1cm off my right thigh

1cm off my left bikini

1cm off my right bikini

In total I lost 9cms

Gained 3cms on my chest- how?!!!!!

I’m pretty over the moon to have lost cms in lots of areas especially as I definitely didn’t push myself as much as I could. I’m challenging myself for my new routine to work as hard as I can. Also it’s pretty amazing that I managed to lose cms overall but gain on my chest 😀

Tracy Anderson Get Bikini Fit in Your 30s Routine Day 36

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