The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 1


For a breakdown of my workout click here

I don’t actually start my proper routine until Day 13 as I had loads of webisodes that I need to finish before I can start.

Feeling spurred on by my surprising cm loss I had a really good exercise day today! I mastered all the reps without stopping of the Glute Burner move from Get bikini ready in your 30s. I had some webisodes that I needed to do before it was over a week since I last did them so I did the following: Mini trampoline total body warm up, Fox NY, SATC, day 10 of daily candy outer thighs (yaaay! I’m not going to miss doing that!) net 24, score sexy cleavage, Katie Couric, Christy Turlington, Hamptons arms, for cardio I did 10 mins on the rebounder and 50 mins step touching dance cardio. I’m building myself up slowly to jumping up and down as I keep getting shin splints and knee problems. I then did my stretches, foam rolling and facial exercises.

Food wise I was pretty good too I had lots of homemade juices, a smoothie and the delicious Gwyneth Paltrow fish dish again. An annoying thing is that it took me ages to get to sleep and I slept pretty badly because I was buzzing so much after exercise! Maybe if I exercise earlier in the day I won’t have this problem.

Results and measurements Tracy Anderson Get Bikini fit in your 30s routine days 37-42

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 2

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