The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 4 and 5


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 4 I didn’t do any exercise at all. I felt really ill, I literally couldn’t have done any exercise, so I’m not feeling guilty about it as there’s nothing I could’ve done!

Day 5 Today was a big let down as I was due to pick up my dreamy Tracy Anderson exercise chair that I had paid for and they put by for me on the weekend but they phoned up to say in fact they didn’t have any in stock- f**king useless!!! But they are going to try and get one in but they won’t know if they’ll be able to or how long it’ll be so they’ll phone me to let me know.

I left my exercise until really late but I got it done! I only did 5 mins rebounding as my fiance was on a conference call so I didn’t want to disturb him, when he got off it was 10:55 so I only had 5 minutes of jumping to do (I don’t want to go any later then 11 in case I disturb the neighbours. I also did Perfect design 1 warm up, Jake Gyllenhaal, My last supper, SATC and days 10 of  fox ny and Katie Couric so they’re both finished now. I also did 55 minutes of dance cardio step touching, leg stretches and foam rolling. The exercise really dragged on (and I had a few distractions) so I didn’t actually finish until 4:30AM!!!!! I also did facial toning routine 4 for the 10th week in a row so now I’m moving onto the Rio facial toner. I really really need to exercise earlier on in the day as staying up that late was ridiculous.

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 3

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 6

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