The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 7 and 8


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 7 I didn’t get my full workout in and I was quite annoyed with myself. I had a bit of an ephipany and decided I need to be much better in the future and prioritise doing things I SHOULD do over doing things I WANT to do. I was watching an old Graham Norton show with Anna Kornakova on it and she was talking about how disciplined she is with training etc and it made me think- wow I wish I was like that!!!! It’s difficult because being lazy and being disciplined both have downfalls. If you’re lazy you can do whatever you want whenever you feel like and don’t ever feel like you’re ever doing anything unpleasant or stress yourself out in any way, BUT you will end up spending the majority of your time in easy distracted tasks such as surfing the internet or watching TV. I am basically addicted to tumbling and whiling away the hours very easy doing not a lot!!!! So I’ve decided from now on to prioritise and basically don’t do any fun stuff until I’ve done all the stuff that I need to do first.

I did manage a bit of exercise which was Perfect Design 1 warm up, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hamptons arms, net 24 and day 10 of Christy Turlington.

Day 8 Back on form and feeling good 🙂 I did Perfect design series 1 warm up, overcame my fear of headstands and tested Nightline, DID my cardio- 20 mins on the rebounder and 40 mins step touching, cosmo score sexy cleavage, My last supper, Jake Gyllenhaal, net 24, Hamptons arms, day 10 of SATC, leg stretches, foam rolling and rio facial toning. I haven’t used my rio facial toner in a while as I’ve been focusing on the Eva Fraser exercises for 10 weeks. The Rio facial toner really hurt! I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t done it for so long or because I have a fresh battery but it did hurt my face and in some cases my teeth so I had to use it on a low setting so I think I may prefer Eva Fraser’s face exercises to this. Although I will persevere and do the exercises for the next 4 weeks to see if I get any results.

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 6

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 9

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