The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine days 10-13


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 10 I was busy all day and decided to do my exercise when I got back from a house party, I had to leave the house party earlier then I would’ve liked as I had a splitting headache (brought on by being out in the sun all day) so exercise was definitely out of the question and I didn’t feel guilty about it as it was out of my control. I took some pain killers, drank lots of water and had some amazing workout and recovery juice (great for rehydration). Later on I felt better and couldn’t sleep so I decided to do a bit of exercise to try and wear myself out. I did Jake gyllenhaal, Net 24, attempted my last supper but the ball kept slipping as I was wearing my pjs. I also did day 10 of Hamptons arms and tested net a porter get sculpted sexy shoulders which was actually really difficult and sufficiently wore my body out enough for me to go to sleep.

Day 11 Another busy day- I managed 9 minutes on my rebounder before I went out. I didn’t come home until much later then I thought I would so ended up just doing my last supper and Jake gyllenhaal. I think because I hadn’t done my full workout yesterday I was in the same mindset so didn’t do it all today either.

Day 12 Oh dear today was a bad day. I just felt sluggish and lazy and didn’t eat very well or really get anything useful done. I did manage a bit of exercise which was Perfect Design 1 warm up, my last supper and testing Tracy Anderson Net a porter toned torso which I really enjoyed, I’m definitely looking forward to doing more workouts that incorporate the stick. As a result of my pathetic amount of exercise it took me forever to get to sleep as I hadn’t warn myself out enough.

Day 13 I finally did The Hollywood workout routine, lifting the 5kg weights was pretty difficult- I’ve definitely gotten weaker since I stopped lifting weights! The whole workout was really satisfying though and I felt nicely warn out by the end of it. Despite stretching, foam rolling and having workout and recovery juice the next day I’m really aching-argh! Will my body adjust?

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Day 9

The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 14-30

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