Tracy Anderson Chair


I am now the proud owner of THIS chair. The chair that Tracy Anderson uses in Mat workout, 30 day method, Perfect design series and metamorphosis. I have literally been searching for it forever- I’ve seen it used in food courts and restaurants and always asked where they get it from and if I could buy it off them (the answer’s always I don’t know and no). Thankfully finally I found a shop where I can buy it! I bought it from Dare Gallery in Melbourne and I’ve also seen it another shop in Melbourne but for a much higher price.


This chair is light weight, relatively small, metal, has no arms, a straight top and a gap where the back of the chair meets the seat which you will need for certain Tracy Anderson exercise routines including the Shakira routine.


Although the official recommendation is that any dining room chair will do I wanted to get a chair as close to the one Tracy uses as possible and I actually found the exact same chair! The reason that I wanted to get a chair similar to Tracy’s is that in one of the bonus arms she actually lifts the chair up (obviously ignoring that no more then 3lb rule!) as part of the moves and with a lot of dining room chairs this wouldn’t be possible in one fluid motion due to the size, weight and material. Also I wanted to get something without arms and the same height as Tracy’s and one made from a material that wouldn’t be ruined from me standing on it.


A chair is needed in the following exercise routines:

Tracy Anderson Mat and Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Paltrow Legs

Tracy Anderson Pretty Women

Tracy Anderson Grazia

Tracy Anderson Spanish CNN

Tracy Anderson Cosmo lean thighs no lunges

Hollywood Workout Shoulders and Triceps

Tracy Anderson Workout in the Office

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tighten your triceps

Tracy Anderson Daily Candy legs

Tracy Anderson Shakira

Tracy Anderson Fierce at 40 plus

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Nix arm jiggle asap

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tighten Up Your Butt

Tracy Anderson The Restart Project moves Episode 6

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Shape Sexy Abs Superfast

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Lower Body Blast

Tracy Anderson Treadmill Challenge

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tone Your Booty

Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Chair Sequence

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