The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 14-30


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 14 I was so achy all day from doing the Hollywood Chest and Legs Workout the day before. It was just on my chest and armpit area- definitely a shock to the system lifting the 5kg weights! I struggled to open shop doors! I was out for most of the day and got hayfever and I just really couldn’t face proper exercise so I decided to do some stuff that wouldn’t work my arms. I did the warm up from Perfect Design 1, tested Net a Porter Knees and also did Daily Candy Abs. I think in future I may be better off alternating the Hollywood Workout with yoga at least until I stop aching so much!

Day 15 Still aching loads I decided to do a tiny bit of Tracy Anderson and some yoga. I did Redbook Abcentric and Sweaty Betty– the very few arm exercises I did really hurt!! For yoga I did Rodney Yee advanced arm balances and they helped a lot, I don’t think I’ll ever not love yoga, I felt really good afterwards. I couldn’t face any cardio because my chest and under arms still hurt so much which is aggravated whenever I move my arms!

Day 16 I didn’t actually have time to exercise today, when I got in my feet really hurt from the uncomfortable shoes I was wearing (I had a few blisters) so I wasn’t reallly into the idea of exercising. I did do a little bit though: Rio facial toning and tested Tracy Anderson net a porter thighs. I’ve noticed that my eye keeps twitching so I’m going to give rio facial toning a break for a bit as I don’t want to aggravate it.

Day 17 Once again out all day and exhausted. Late at night I attempted My last supper but the bloody ball wouldn’t stay in place!! So I did the warm up and arms section from glutecentric days 351-360 apart from accidently launching that annoying exercise ball across the room on the first arms move the moves actually weren’t that difficult! I’m sure the leg section is another story though.

Day 18 I can’t actually remember what I did today but for some reason I didn’t exercise!

Day 19 A much better exercise day I did Perfect Design 1 warm up and some webisodes: net a porter sculpted shoulders, Rio facial toning, My last supper , net a porter knees, Daily Candy Abs and net a porter thighs.

Day 20 Back to my normal routine and by some sort of miracle I managed not to ache from the 5kg weighted chest exercises. I think stretching and drinking the workout and recovery juice immediately after the exercises really helped- yippee!!

Day 21 I finally have my Tracy Anderson chair!!! So I’m a happy bunny and I’m looking forward to using it. I didn’t have an awful lot of time so I just did Perfect Design 1 warm up and tested tracy anderson daily shot as afterwards we went on a little mini break!

Day 22 & 23 Despite taking all my exercise equipment with me on our mini break I didn’t actually do any exercise! Oh dear. By this point I’ve also left it over a week since I last used my facial toner.

Day 24 I had to get up really early and had a long day out so I was absolutely exhausted when I got in so no exercise

Day 25 Another tiring day and I was too exhausted to exercise

Day 26 I was being slobby for most of the day but I KNEW I had to exercise or it would’ve been over a week so I did Perfect Design 1 warm up and some webisodes: net a porter sculpted shouldersRio facial toningMy last supper net a porter kneesDaily Candy Abs and net a porter thighs. Although it was a bit of a struggle I felt brilliant afterwards and nicely worn out so I slept really well and actually woke up the next morning in a good mood! Thank you endorphins!

Day 27 I did the hollywood workout chest and legs workout, amazingly I didn’t ache afterwards- yippee! My aim over the next couple of days is to increase my workout to 1 hr muscular structure and 30 minutes cardio.

Day 28 A fairly disastrous day- I did the Perfect Design Series 2 warm up, was busy for the rest of the day, ate an ENTIRE chocolate orange and felt too sick to exercise! Although before I went to bed I did some metamorphosis arms which helped.

Day 29 I went out for most of the day and then didn’t do any exercise! And the lack of exercise is definitely showing I’m getting fatter- boo hoo! Hopefully the weight gain is motivation enough to get back on the exercise

Day 30 For the first time in a long while I actually did a proper workout! I did the warm up from Perfect Design 2, timed 15 reps of all the moves in 30 day method sequence 2 with ankle weights for the leg session, it was a pretty good workout, the stomach session hurt and the move where you’re in a pushup position and then you have to lift your leg up was absolutely killer and really took it out of me! And that was just 15 reps! I’m going to have to push my stamina to be able to get up to 60. My arms hurt so much afterwards that I really struggled with the arm exercises. I also did day 10 of My last supper– so thankfully I never have to do that again. The ball was driving me absolutely mental as whenever I tried to do the move with it held between my hamstring and calf the ball would go flying across the room, I ended up having to do the move in my underwear hoping that the ball would better stick to my leg, wet the ball and the back of my legs which just made it even more slippery, dry them both and then it did actually stick! I also did 30 minutes cardio, I was really putting it off but forced myself into it and it really wasn’t that bad. I’m without my wonderful fiance to clean up after me at the moment so I’ve decided not to make myself any workout and recovery juice because I’m not qualified to clean the juicer afterwards! Which means I’m not pushing myself too much in cardio as I don’t want to sweat so much and then not be able to effectively replenish the sodium and potassium, I’m just doing 30 minutes of step touching. I know I could do 1 hour of step touching but it’s SO boring!!!! Also I’m limiting myself to the hollywood workout to just once a week as that does normally really make my muscles ache.

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