The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 31- 41


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 31 Having gone from a day when I’d actually done 30 mins cardio and 1 hr MS I went to doing nothing at all today! My legs did ache quite a lot from the weighted legs exercises and the dance cardio, what’s wrong with me?

Day 32 A better day but still not enough, I did the warm up from perfect design 2, daily candy stomach, net a porter thighs, net a porter knees, sally pressman and long island, net a porter sculpted shoulders.

Day 33 Today I went to a “beginners” pilates class with a reformer. I’ve done lots of pilates classes before and can master every move apart from getting my feet and hands flat on the floor the same time in my advanced pilates dvd but this class was hard!! The reformer is weighted which obviously made the moves more challenging, actually a lot of the equipment used Tracy Anderson seems to use as well- a stick, hoop and one of those box type things that she has lots of in her studios. Anyway it wasn’t like Tracy Anderson! The moves were pretty strenuous so I think I need to build up my stamina in order to excel in a class rather then just survive it and using the pulleys from the reformer we had to do shoulder presses and tricep extensions which I could really only barely do so Tracy has made my triceps weaker!! Well in that particular direction anyway. And we ended with duh duh duh….. SQUATS! Are squats really pilates friendly?! My posture was good after the class but I actually even struggled to walk home and I was was moving so slowly that when I managed to get to the other side of the road while crossing it the green man had turned to red!! The next day I ached as well- not in a “I’ve had a good stretch” or a Tracy Anderson kinda way but in a ripping muscles kinda way- my calves, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders ache which make me think that doing pilates (or at least doing pilates with weights) may be counter productive to the Tracy Anderson body I’m trying to get… I didn’t do any cardio when I got home because frankly I couldn’t face much else then lying on the sofa!

Day 34 Out for most of the day however when I got in I made sure I did my hollywood chest and legs workout. I did lots of foam rolling afterwards as my body is still aching from the pilates.

Day 35 It was one of those days where I didn’t have a lot to do but for some reason before I knew it it was after midnight and I hadn’t done any exercise or some of the other stuff I needed to do.

Day 36 As a result of not doing any exercise I didn’t sleep very well as I had lots of excess energy ready for exercise. I did Precision toning arms as soon as I woke up and Post Pregnancy arms before I went to bed!

Day 37 I was pretty tired all day so not really in the mood for exercise but I started buzzing before I went to bed so I did Tracy Anderson Fitness Report, daily candy butt balance, net a porter sculpted shoulders, sally pressman and some meta kneeling abs.

Day 38 I only had time for the warm up from Perfect Design Series 2!

Day 39 I managed to get a bit more done, I did the warm up from Perfect Design Series 2, daily candy stomach,net a porter thighs,  long island and net a porter knees.

Day 40 For the first time in forever I actually did some cardio! I did 30 minutes from Tracy’s new Dance + Cardio dvd and I really enjoyed it and of course I felt amazing afterwards 🙂 I also did the hollywood workout chest and legs routine. I could’ve done more muscular structure and stretching but I couldn’t really be bothered! Tomorrow I’m aiming to do 40 mins cardio and 1 hour muscular structure/toning and also sort my eating out.

Day 41 Hooray a perfect workout day! I did the warm up from Perfect Design 2, daily candy butt balance, redbook abcentric,   long island, 10 mins rebounding, 30 mins dance cardio step touching, stretches and foam rolling. I also ate really well today and felt the best I have in ages, I had a kids smoothie, which I didn’t really enjoy the taste of but it did make me feel quite healthy and a soba noodle stir fry. I also had some crackers and a chocolate cookie which I know isn’t good!

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