The Hollywood Workout Chest and Legs Routine Days 44-50


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 44 I followed the detox to a T today and I felt really weak and out of it so I allowed myself to have a day off exercise while my body readjusts to eating less and cutting out all the bad stuff.

Day 45 I ate more then I would do normally as I went out for food and spent the day out, this is what I did exercise wise

Day 46 I felt really ill today I was basically in complete agony and just really needed to take it easy (not exercise related). Looking back I think I’d made myself run down by detoxing and cutting the cals, I’ve also developed an ulcer! So I decided to take it easy and be nice to myself and I just did

I’ve also got this problem- it’s happened for about the 4th time since I moved to Australia; after eating out my stomach swells up and becomes really hard, I’ve had a look trying to figure out what it could be a possibility is that it could be caused by eating rice or potatoes in a restaurant as often they’re reheated- reheating starchy food changes its molecular structure turning it into resistant starch which cannot be digested in the small intestine. Has anyone else experienced this?

Day 47 I did the bare minimum exercise today because I still wasn’t feeling fantastic and didn’t want to make myself feel worse. I just did

  • Hollywood workout chest and legs

Thankfully I didn’t feel worse after exercising.

Day 48 I had planned on doing more today but due to time constraints I just managed

Day 49 Oh dear! Today I didn’t do anything apart from the warm up from Perfect Design 3. Must try harder!

Day 50 Back in the game! I had an almost perfect workout day, I did

The only thing I missed out was facial toning. I’m also trying to increase how active I am during the day so I went for a walk for an hour and I’m trying to use my exercise ball lots.

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