My trip to the physiotherapist and Teen Meta Level 2 Routine Days 1 and 2


For a breakdown of my routine click here

I don’t actually start my Teen Meta level 2 routine until day 22 as I had lots of left over workouts routines that I needed to finish.

Day 1 After 12 years of on and off knee and shin pain I finally went to the physiotherapist. I started getting shin splints and knee problems when I began running. This flared up every time I ran so I changed my cardio to stationary cycling and using the cross trainer. Once I discovered the magical world of Tracy Anderson my cardio changed to dance cardio and rebounding and every now and then the knee or shin problems would flare up. It got particularly bad when I had difficulty working and I found it difficult to work. I’ve tried shin stretches, foam rolling and wearing a knee support but non of these have helped. Today I went to the physiotherapist and the problem was diagnosed as patello femoral joint pain, this is caused by my knee cap not being in the right place and also a weak glute- I can’t believe Tracy and all my exercise has left me with a weak glute!!! So my knee has been taped (my right knee which is where the problem currently lies, it will also spread to the left). I need to do static contractions of the vastus medialis oblique , do little kicks with a rolled towel under the back of my knee and clam shells. I also need to massage the area myself and contine foam rolling. I need to avoid cardio apart from walking and cycling and swimming (I wouldn’t do cycling and swimming anyway so walking is now my friend!) And no squatting or lunging. To be honest there is a little bit of me that freaks out at having dance cardio and rebounding taken away from me, but if it means in the long haul I will be able to do it then it’s worth it. So I’ve adjusted my idea of a perfect routine to instead of 1 hour of dance cardio or rebounding I’m aiming for 2 hours of walking. I’ve got a follow up appointment next week, I will let you know how it goes!

Exercise wise today I did

I was pretty exhausted so didn’t want to do much more, although tomorrow I will aim for a whole routine.

Day 2 Today I did

I think I might have to reduce my walks to 30 mins as my knee started hurting after 30 minutes 😦 Or maybe even try 2X 30 minute walks. I’m tempted to increase my muscular structure/stretching time from 1 hour to 90 minutes to make up for not being able to do much cardio wise- thoughts?! I know Tracy says that when you can’t do much cardio you really need to focus on your diet, I’m pretty healthy anyway- I’m a pescatarian who doesn’t eat pasta and I eat things like chocolate and crisps, so I don’t want to restrict what I eat as I find it always backfires and makes me miserable.

My second trip to the physiotheraist and Teen Meta Level 2 Routine Days 3-13

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