My second trip to the physiotherapists and Diary of Britney Spears Routine Days 3-13


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 3 Today I did

I spent the majority of the day sat on my exercise ball and it was actually a lot more tiring then I thought it’d be so when I attempted my intermediate yoga dvd I could only do a bit because I was so exhausted. So from now on no exercise ball until I’ve finished all my other exercise.

Day 4 Today I did

I would’ve liked to have done more but I was pretty exhauted from the 40 degree weather- yes 40 degrees!!!

Day 5 I just did

I know I should’ve done more but I got back late and had to get up early the next day.

Day 6 On a road trip so most of the day was spent sat in the car. I did

Day 7 Still on a road trip but I made sure I did some exercise when I got home. I did

My second trip to the physiotherapist and Day 8

It just hit me how much me and Britney have in common!! We both have thighs that have a habit of bulking up really easily and knee problems! After a week of living by my physio- doing my stretches, exercises and avoiding the movements she told me to I returned for my second appointment. This time I made sure to be extra organised armed with a knee diary and lots of questions. I need to work on strengthening my inner thighs and glutes to prevent the pain in my knees.

I’ve been given some new exercises to do:

I need to remember to do them all SLOWLY

  • Clam shells- 20 reps holding for 5 seconds each side
  • Bridges with straight leg extension 2 sets of 10 on each side making sure my hands aren’t on the floor and focusing attention on my glutes.
  • Wall squats with an exercise ball 3 sets of 15.
  • Steps up on the stairs- 2 sets of 15. putting the weight on my heel and touching the step with my toe.
  • Arabesque (yes it’s a Tracy word!) with a twist- 2 sets of 10 on each side.
  • I still need to self massage and use my foam roller
  • Continue stretching and change my shin stretches so I’m not putting too much weight on my knees, also to keep my hip flexor stretches are no more then 90 degrees.
  • Do slump stretches which work the calves 3 sets of 10 seconds on each side.

For cardio I can

  • Walk 30 minutes twice a day (if I haven’t been doing lots of other walking around in the day) and not walk to fast
  • After a week try walking for 45 minutes and then work on slowly increasing.
  • I am still allowed to swim and cycle- neither of which I’ll be doing.

I’ve also had it confirmed to me that I need to buy a new pair of trainers and I’ve been given some suggested places to try so they can assess my foot movements and recommend what sort of trainer to get.

Exercise wise today I did

I didn’t do anything more as I was feeling really exhausted- this could be due to doing unfamliar exercises and working new muscles.

Day 9 I think the physio exercises are definitely making a difference, my legs felt stronger and as though my knees were protected, the downside is that the physio exercises are definitely working my glutes in a very Tracy Anderson Method unfriendly manner (squat moves etc) and I can see a difference in my glutes already- they’re slowly getting bigger and less teeny tiny and lifted. Although this isn’t ideal it’s not getting to me because I’m so fed up with my knees &/or shins hurting that it’s worth it if I eventually get them fixed and I’m able to do cardio once again. I actually really miss cardio, especially whenever I hear songs up beat songs that would be great for rebounding/dance cardio and especially now that Tracy has released a new cardio routine. Today I still felt really run down and had a dodgy stomach so I didn’t do any exercise.

Day 10 Christmas day!! I made the mistake of drinking too much really nice red wine. I did however force myself to do a bit of exercise which was

Day 11 Feeling pretty sluggish and horrible from the alcohol consumption, I attempted some exercise but ended up just feeling sick so no exercise was done today.

Day 12 Today I did

I didn’t finish my physio exercises off as I was pretty worn out. Had left knee problems, can’t wait to the day until these go away!

Day 13 Today I did

And I managed to do my cardio too (2x 30 minute walks).

My trip to the physiotherapist and Teen Meta Level 2 Routine Days 1 and 2

Cheating on Tracy in the gym and Teen Meta Level 2 Routine Days 14-17

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