Tracy Anderson Teen Meta


Tracy Anderson’s Teen meta is designed for teenagers and is suitable to use from age 10 .It is called “Teen Meta” rather then “Teen Metamorphosis” (Metamorphosis is the name of her current DVD project for adults) because teenagers already have changing bodies and don’t need a transformation. Whereas with Tracy’s metamorphosis product the DVDs are designed for 4 specific body type which you have to identify, teen meta is suitable for all teenage bodies.

With the DVDs you will also receive a Meta band which is basically a looped resistance band. Tracy uses this in place of weights to add resistance as teenagers shouldn’t lift weights.

Famous users of the teen meta system are Abigail Breslin and Zoey Deutch.

Teen Meta Level 1
Time: 31 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Meta band

The warm up/standing abs/standing arms section is really fun and includes a good amount of stretches. Up until now I thought of the meta band as my favourite piece of exercise equipment but that now may have to change! The arm exercises that are done while kneeling on the floor using the meta band are pretty challenging and I’m not sure how Tracy manages to stay smiling instead of grimacing as she should be! Annoyingly the meta band doesn’t stay in it’s nice wide shape but bunches up which is a bit uncomfortable so it’s not as enjoyable to use. The leg exercises are pretty challenging so it’s hard to believe that these exercises are set for teenagers as their first introduction to Tracy- surely they should be at the most basic level and then progress from there?

Teen Meta Level 2
Time: 31 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Meta band

Unlike level 1 Tracy doesn’t do any ab work on the floor, just standing abs which is a bit odd- maybe she forgot about it? The whole work out is pretty exhausting, thankfully it’s only 31 minutes long. You should be rewarded for your efforts with immediate results. I didn’t really enjoy this workout- I was glad when it was over with as I found it pretty hard although I was glad to find that I improved the more times I did it.

Teen Meta Level 3
Time: 32 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Meta band

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Freestyle Cardio
Time:20 minutes
Equipment needed: None

The freestyle cardio is pretty similar to the freestyle cardio in adult metamorphosis although the moves are probably a bit more doable and are repeated more often. It features a few stretching and standing arms moves so it’s not as taxing as her metamorphosis cardio. It’s also only 20 minutes long as opposed to 30 minutes. Wonder why that is? The music is a bit chilled out so it’s a bit surreal jumping around to it so I would definitely play your own music to this.

Choreographed Cardio
Time: 3 minutes
Equipment needed: None

All new Tracy cardio is certainly welcomed and it’s nice to have some new choreographed cardio. The routine is a lot more “hip” then all of her other routines and has a few moments where you’re standing still and just moving your arms so it’s not as high octane as some of her other cardio. Much like Beginners Dance Cardio the actual routine that you dance along to is shown after the break down so unfortunately you have to scan through this to find out where it starts and this routine by itself lasts 3 minutes not including the breakdown. I wonder if this routine was choreographed by Maria as it’s certainly a different style to Tracy’s normal work.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in Order

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