My New Nike Air Max 2014s


I am a very happy bunny because today I bought myself a pair of Nike Air Max 2014s! These are my second pair of “nice” exercise trainers- this is what my first pair looked like:


Cute aren’t they! I asked my physio how often I need to replace my exercise trainers and she with the amount of exercise I’m doing (or aspire to do!) once a year. My Nike Air Max 2010s (pictured) had definitely lost their bounce so it’s great to try on a new pair of shoes. They’re so cute, plastic, bubble gum and girlie- I love them! 🙂 🙂

Prior to buying my first pair of Nike Air max’s I used to exercise at home in bare feet or with really rubbish £30 trainers that didn’t offer much support and I can tell you that dance cardio is SOOO much easier with these shoes- well worth the investment if you’re into exercising.

Lilac and Black Nike Air Max Trainers

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