Tracy Anderson Workout Add Ons


The following exercises Tracy Anderson recommends you use as an add on to one of her full workouts.

Tracy Anderson Bonus Butt and Leg Workout for Gwyneth Tracy told Gwyneth that after she’s finished the mat dvd to tag this workout on the end. So you should do the same!

Tracy Anderson Style Caster Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 6 Exercises Tracy recommends you add this onto [one of] her dvd[s] or book. I tagged this onto the end of Mat Workout for Beginners Beginner Chair Sequence

Tracy Anderson Goop 15 Minute Workout Tracy recommends that you do this as a bonus onto your regular workout, I tagged this onto the end of The Method for Beginners Workout 1

Tracy Anderson 6 ways to sculpt like a celeb Tracy advises you tack this workout onto your current routine (so do after you’ve finished one of her DVDs). I tagged this onto the end of Mat Workout for Beginners: Chair Sequence

The Transform Series for Xbox. The official word on this is that “The xbox program is for men, women, and teens. It is a training program that reaches more muscles than your standard workouts. It is a high calorie burn that helps create balance in your body, weight loss, and great skin tone and definition. You can use it with Metamorphosis. It is really important to stay on metamorphosis so that you are always letting Tracy design for your body and keep you strong where you are genetically weak to beat your problem areas. You can do 4 days of meta and 2 to 3 days of the Microsoft workout…or you can do 10 days meta 10 days the Microsoft. Or you can do both for a boost.”

Tracy says the Connect Workout Webisodes are a great addition to her full length DVDs:

Tracy Anderson Connect Abs I tagged after Teen Meta 2 to make up for the lack of a proper ab workout.

Tracy Anderson Connect Butt and Thighs I tagged after The Method for Beginners Workout 2

Tracy Anderson Connect Arms I tagged this after Mat Workout for Beginners: Full Body Beginner

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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