Last days of Teen Meta Level 2! Days 67- 78



For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 67 Today I went on a road trip so I was only able to fit in 10 minutes step touching dance cardio before I left. Wilsons-Prom-All-is-right-in-the-world

I think in future I need to bring a healthy packed lunch whenever I go on a roadtrip because the service stations only sell really disgusting unhealthy food! So I felt pretty gross afterwards. We went to an event that finished very late so the only food option afterwards was pizza 😦 When I got to where I was staying it was really cold and I was pretty tired so I just snuggled up under the covers rather then doing any more exercise.

Day 68 Woke up feeling disgusting (no doubt thanks to the pizza). I did arms exercises whenever I was walking about so managed to do

I was pretty out of it when I got home so didn’t manage anything else

Day 69 I tried on some wedding dresses today! carrie bradshaw wedding gown

I need to thank the Tracy Anderson Method because despite not doing any real exercise for the past few days my body looked really good! Thank you Tracy!!! Annoyingly today was another day with unhealthy food. I was out all day and evening with no good food options (the only hot food option was pasta and pizza) and I got in really late thanks to being stuck out in the middle of a festival and taking ages to find a taxi home. I blew my exercise as there was loads of workouts that I needed to do today or it would’ve been over a week since I’d last done them but I was just too exhausted when I got back. Boo.

Day 70 All my unhealthy eating and lack of exercise is catching up with me as I now have a belly! Thankfully this didn’t happen yesterday. I did my best to eat really healthy food today, I also failed at getting any exercise in again today (thanks to being busy all day and then being too tired in the evening).

Day 71 I woke up again feeling rubbish- headache and generally feeling awful. Despite feeling lack lustre I FORCED myself to do some exercise which was:


When I started the cardio it was pretty boring and seemed an effort to get through it but once I got into it was really good and I enjoyed it and having a good sweat 🙂

The only exercise I missed out on was my facial exercises.

Day 72 Had a hectic and tiring day so all I managed was

I made the mistake of running for a tram (I didn’t even catch it!) and afterwards my knee started hurting.


Day 73 Ow ow ow! It was a MASSIVE mistake running for that tram. Today was the day of my physiotherapist appointment and I couldn’t even make it to the tram stop because my knee hurt so much. I had to walk so slowly it was embarrassing. I ended up getting a taxi to my appointment. I’ve been told to continue with my existing physio exercises and to continue to try to get to 45 minutes dance cardio step touching (I’m currently on 30 minutes) but making sure I always give myself a day off dance cardio the following day, so I will aim to do cardio every other day. I was told previously that I wasn’t allowed to do any lunges but I wasn’t sure if this included lunges while kneeling on the ground so I found out that I am allowed to that- which means that more Tracy Anderson routines are available to me. However I’m not allowed to do any standing lunges onto a chair. On the advice of the physio I took some anti inflammatories for my destressed knee- they did seem to work but annoyingly they also worked on emptying my stomach too. I FORCED myself to do the following exercise:

I really would’ve rather NOT to have exercised but if I hadn’t done it today it would’ve been over a week since I’d last done it and I really don’t want to have to start it again from the beginning. Although I really dislike that routine I think it’s actually getting easier.

Day 74 Really hectic day I just did

My knee isn’t fixed yet 😦 It’s still hurting so I’m still on the anti inflammatories so the plan for tomorrow is to rest as much as possible but maybe do some muscular structure as that doesn’t make it worse!

Day 75 I rested all day (I didn’t go out to try and relieve my knee pain) however I did manage to fit in some exercise:

I completely forgot about foam rolling and I didn’t bother with the facial toning as my face was a bit twitchy so I thought it needed a break.

Day 76 Today I had a long day at work (I’m not very used to this as I haven’t worked full time for quite a while! I had a 8 1/2 hour shift with no breaks and had to get up mega early so I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. My knee is playing up again big style 😥 For exercise I just did

I was really tired and didn’t want to do anymore!

Day 77 Today I went for TWO epic bike rides!


It was really good fun and I was nicely worn out afterwards. Although it was hard work I managed to do some more exercise on top of it which was:

I would’ve loved to have done more but I was completely zombiefied!

Day 78 I was really disappointed as I headed to the post office this morning to pick up my replacement meta band but they sent me the wrong one

photo (5)

I’ve got in touch with customer service to see what they can do… watch this space!

Today was my first day at my new job! I went a bit stir crazy from sitting at my desk all day- I walked to and from work and walked on my lunch break but still felt really on edge. I think I need to cycle to and from work to try and get rid of some of the energy.

When I got home I completed teen meta level 2!!!

I’m really glad I’ve FINALLY finished that level- it’s taken me a really long time!! I didn’t particularly enjoy doing it even though it wasn’t that long, thankfully it did get easier but I’m just so grateful that it’s over with. For my next workout I’m aiming to finish it in a lot less days. I’m a bit limited on what I’ll move onto next as all of the Tracy workouts DVDs I have include plies or some sort of lunging move that I can’t do due to my knees and I’m without a proper meta band so Teen Meta Level 3 isn’t possible at the moment.

Valentines Drunkeness and Tracy Anderson Teen Meta Level 2 Routine Days 63-66

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