Tracy Anderson Connect Treadmill Challenge/How to get a body like Molly Sims 2/2


Muscular Structure
Time: 9 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Ankle weights & treadmill/chair/counter top

Although this only lasts 9 minutes it’s pretty effective as each move is 40 reps + ankle weights. And as a lot of the moves were standing with swinging your leg back I could feel it working my lower back (in a good way!)

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Start time: 7:30
Time: 13 minutes, although Tracy recommends repeating this until you’re doing 40 minutes
Equipment needed: Treadmill

This is a lot harder then it looks! Definitely harder then running!

This cardio webisode was initially purchasable from Tracy Anderson’s Connect website, but lucky for you guys it’s now for free on youtube! Tracy made this DVD to facilitate those who were travelling and were unable to have the space to do dance cardio. Although in the webisode Tracy states that because she varies the movements on the treadmill by doing this routine you are staying true to the Tracy Anderson Method principals, she actually at a later date says that dancing on the treadmill will cause bulk and it’s best avoided as seen in the video below:

So do this routine at your own risk!!!

So as Tracy has also said with the rebounder cardio is that she really prefers people to do the dance cardio but it’s another option for you should you struggle for whatever reason. I personally don’t do the treadmill workout because I don’t have a treadmill, there is one in our gym, but is has glass windows around it so you’re completely viewable by anyone sat around the pool (the gym is above the swimming pool) or looking out of their condominium windows and I don’t like drawing attention to myself where I live as it is so would not like to start now! I think if there was a treadmill available in a more secluded gym I would do it when there was no one else inside and I would alternate it with all my other cardio DVDs so the treadmill work acted as a bit of a change to my routine and was by far the minority as the majority of cardio DVDs are for dance aerobics. I use the same philosophy when it comes to rebounder work, I know it’s not ideally what Tracy would like you to do, but I really enjoy it and find it a lot easier then dance cardio and actually use it on days when I have shin splints or other ailments that are only encouraged by dance cardio. My dance cardio dvds far outweigh the amount the amount of rebounder DVDs I have so dance cardio is still the majority of what I do cardio wise and I can look on the rebounder work as a nice change and a boost to my lymphatic drainage.

How to get a body like Molly Sims 1/2

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

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