Tracy Anderson Iron Man 2 Workout Days 1-3


Day 1 Hello full time job goodbye life! I really have so little time now. I really need to make sure I exercise as soon as I get home. I really don’t have time to do so many things that I used to do- surfing the internet, reading, blogging, watching tv. I also woke up fat! This is no doubt due to the sedentary lifestyle of working in an office.

This is what I did:

I should’ve done more exercise but it was really late so I needed to go to bed!

On the plus side it seems like from out of nowhere my arms are looking amazing!! Really slim and toned, they’ve NEVER looked like this before- thank you Tracy!


Day 2 Thankfully I was thinner today then yesterday so the exercise is making a bit of a difference. I felt really sick half way through the day and this didn’t pass so I only managed

  • Warm up from Pregnancy Project month 2

Pretty frustrating, I think I need to watch what I eat just in case that was a contributing factor. I also realised that I had left it over a week since I’d last used my rio facial toner which means that I need to start AGAIN from the beginning!! Which will be the sixth time that I’ve started the rio facial toner again. I think I’m just going to do Eva Fraser’s facial exercises instead as I’ve gotten better results from doing those without the nasty side effects (muscle pain, twitchy and painful teeth).


Day 3 I was doing less hours at work today so I had the luxury of time to exercise! I did

I’m now back to Eva Fraser’s facial toning and I can see a difference already! Doing pilates was really good- I keep putting it off and I don’t know why because it felt really good and I definitely needed a good stretch and it helped me sleep. The following day I noticed my posture had improved- go! I also cycled to and from work which massively cuts down on my travel time, saves money and I really enjoy cycling 🙂 The only downfall are my thighs are definitely increasing in size- but you don’t see thighs in a wedding dress so I suppose that’s something!

For some reason I’m getting a bit of a fat stomach! 😦 I don’t really know why this is happening as I’m increasing my cardio time through cycling and Tracy Anderson- let’s just hope it goes away!

Tracy Anderson Iron Man 2 Workout Days 4-6

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