Physiotherapist Exercises for Patello Femoral Joint Pain Routine 4


I had my physio appointment and she decided it’s time that I start reintroducing plies! Her reasoning is that it’s kinder on the knees then lunges or squats.

This is what my new routine looks like:


A) Do my Tracy Anderson DVDs that include plie exercises (but not an excessive lot of plies- so not 100 like she does sometimes!).

When performing the plies only go 1/2 of the range of motion (not a grand plie and not as far as 90 degrees)

Do this every 2-3rd day with a maximum of 3 sessions a week.

If I have no problems with this I can increase to 3/4 range 2-3 sessions a week.

B) Alternatively if I don’t do the DVD I can do 1/2 range of motion and do 2-3 sets of 10 reps of plies with a 30 second-1 minute gap inbetween.


Because I have to judge how my body will adjust to this and if it can handle it I need to monitor my progress. If I experience pain after 30-60 minutes post exercise then that’s not ideal and I need to give myself a rest for a couple of days and try again, reduce the range or volume. If I have pain the end of the following day (which I’ve been experiencing before) this is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with activities I can presently do such as cycling to and from work every day.

On top of this I can do my existing physiotherapist exercises but only on the day I don’t do the plies- this is 2-3 times a week.

I’m also glad to hear that I can increase my dance cardio time from 45 minutes to 1 hour 🙂

And if I master the plies I’m allowed to do cardio more frequently then every other day.


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