Tracy Anderson Iron Man 2 Workout Days 4-6


Day 4 I was absolutely knackered from my day at work (and probably cycling there and back) all I managed for exercise was

Day 5 Everything was going fine until I had some tacos that turned out to be RIDICULOUSLY spicy- I could literally feel hotness in my stomach. Needless to say they completely ruined my stomach and I felt completely rubbish. I just did

  • Warm up from pregnancy project month 2
  • 9 minutes dance cardio step touching.

During the cardio I felt really uncoordinated and the horrible feeling in my stomach definitely didn’t help so I gave up! 😦

Day 6 Determined to do some exercise today I did the following:


I attempted to do Tracy Anderson Iron Man 2 but found the head stand move really hurt my knee so I decided not to do it- which was frustrating as I had already completed a lot of reps of the moves! Instead I did

I could’ve done some more muscular structure and chest work but reasoned that I had already done more then I had planned as I had spent so much time doing the Iron Man 2 routine before changing so I thought I was ok to stop at that.

Tracy Anderson Iron Man 2 Workout Days 1-3

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