Perricone Diet Review and Wedding Countdown-28 Days to Go!


Once again I know I have been extremely lame at updating this blog, that’s BECAUSE I’ve been so busy with organising the wedding!! I’m now no longer working so I can fully focus on the wedding AND getting into amazing shape 🙂

The wedding is slowly creeping up so I need to definitely be a lot more focused on exercising- I haven’t been very regimented recently so I thought if I posted in here what I’ve been up to I might be a bit more accountable.

Perricone Diet

Since I finished work I started the Perricone diet PROPERLY and I’m really happy with the results 🙂 As a brief overview to the Perricone diet it involves having a good source of protein, fat and carbohydrates (making sure you have fruit and veg) at every meal. Meals/snacks include:

  • Full fat yogurt (protein) with fruit (carbohydrates) and nuts (fat)
  • Scrabbled eggs with salmon
  • Salmon (protein) cooked in olive oil (fat) with vegetables (carbohydrates)
  • Goats cheese (protein) salad (carbohydrates) with olive oil (fat)

You can check out Perricone’s recipes here

What is meant by a good source of protein would be good quality soft cheeses, organic meat such as fish and chicken- although being a pescatarian I’m just sticking with the fish.

For carbohydrates it seems to all be fruit and veg or oats, no pasta, rice, normal potatoes, anything that causes a spike in blood sugar levels which effects your skin. So refined sugar is off the menu as well.

For fat it’s oil and nuts.

For drinks you can have water, green tea (caffeine doesn’t agree with me so I’m not having this), herbal tea, some smoothies and red wine (alcohol DEFINITELY doesn’t agree with me!). You can’t have sugary drinks, pure fruit juice, or coffee.

There’s also the lovely bonus of being able to have dark chocolate as it’s high in antioxidants.

When I initially started Perricone I was tired for the first few days but now I feel great- I’ve got lots of energy, I don’t have any cravings, I actually WANT to have fruit and veg rather than cakes and scones, I’m not hungry at all and amazingly a lot of weight has come off, really without feeling like I’m trying at all. And this is with seriously reduced exercise. So my body is looking better now that if I had been doing 2 hours of exercise every day, it just goes to show that diet counts for more than exercise.

I don’t know if I’ll keep this up forever, I will definitely keep it up until the wedding day, but I won’t start having things that give me a bad reaction- for example I had some oat cakes one evening and then proceeded to feel sick, the following day I felt really sluggish and blocked up so I don’t want to go back to feeling that way. Also it would be sad to see the weight go back on as I’m really enjoying being slimmer and that it’s so effortless.

Another point is that due on going knee problems I’m unable to more cardio then step touching dance cardio so until my knees get properly sorted I don’t really have another means of keeping the weight down.


So now that nailed my diet I REALLY want to focus on my exercise. I’ve been doing bits and pieces here and there, including going to a weekly pilates class that I love (I’m definitely going to continue with these rather than doing the at home pilates dvds). But I’m not up to my 1 hour cardio and 1 hour muscular structure/toning every day that I love. I’ve also heavily neglected my facial exercises.


I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson Beginner Workout 1 & Goop Valentines which I’m close to completing my 10 day rotation in (exciting!). So I’ve decided to keep posting on here to keep myself accountable. My aim for today is to do at least 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes muscular structure and my facial exercises. I’ll let you know how I got on tomorrow!

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