New Tracy Anderson DVDs for October 2014 release!


*** UPDATE ****

Here is the review for Cardio Dance for Beginners


One of my favourite things (yes I know this will reveal me to be a Tracy Anderson mega geek) is when I find out that a NEW Tracy Anderson DVD is going to be released 🙂

So today I’m a happy bunny as according to collage video and Tracy will be releasing two new DVDs on 7th October this year. Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners.

I’m trying not to get too excited though as Tracy has been known to repackage and rerelease pre-exisiting workout DVDs, for example the Perfect Design Series, so I’m hoping this isn’t the case. b93baba68853a5112c073be4-2


For the Mat Workout for Beginners this could possibly be a rereleased version of The Method for Beginners– although as it’s under a slightly different name it seems unlikely and it wasn’t too long ago that she released The Method for Beginners so I don’t know why they’d be repackaging it so soon. Also I haven’t seen the photo which is used on the front for any of her other material, whereas with the repackaged Perfect Design series the same pictures were used as when she released her clothing line.


So what do we know about this hopefully new DVD? Well if any of the old packaging is anything to go by we can’t trust what it says on the case. The runtime is a generous 79 minutes, which makes the case’s claim of 3X25 minute workouts believable, plus 4 minutes to spare (maybe an introduction to the DVD?). If the case is to be believed, the dividing of the workouts into 3 segments is similar to Precision Toning, so there’s the possibility that she’s targeting different body parts in each workout, or maybe she’s adopted the same strategy as Teen Meta and made 3 progressive workouts. The length time of 25 minutes is a little confusing as she normally advocates at least 30 minutes of muscular structure a day- perhaps she is being extra lenient with the beginners? Or maybe she just didn’t film enough material, as with metamorphosis some of her workouts are only 27 minutes long.


There’s a possibility that the Cardio Dance for Beginners is a repackaged version of Beginner Dance Cardio. This seems more likely as Beginner Dance Cardio was released quite a while ago although the difference in name makes me think that this is an original DVD.TA - Beginner Dance Cardio

What do we know about this DVD? The runtime is 66 minutes, whereas the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD is only 24 minutes. The runtime also makes the covers claims of 4X15 minute workouts credible.

Why the cardio routines are divided into 15 minutes segments I’m unsure of- her choreographed routines normally last the length of a song, although the non choreographed routines for the 30 day method were 10 minutes each, so maybe this does make sense. Also I completely welcome any new Tracy Anderson dance cardio dvds- especially 60-66minutes worth! When you do 30-60 minutes of dance cardio every day it’s really easy to get bored of the existing material (and your playlist) and while there is an abundance of muscular structure material, cardio lags behind.

According to the cover the workout is “ab sculpting” which is hard to believe from a cardio dvd- unless there’s a standing abs section?

Has anyone heard anymore on these DVDs? I’m excited to find out more information and of course excited about the possibility of buying these new DVDs 🙂

UPDATE! 23rd Aug 2014

Yes these are new Tracy Anderson DVDs- check out the previews:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

2 thoughts on “New Tracy Anderson DVDs for October 2014 release!

  1. lale

    Hi there

    I have a silly question concerning Tracy’s new dvds (mat and cardio workout for beginners).
    I wanted to buy them, but it says it is region code 1, so it would not play on European devices. However, all of her other dvds have region code 0, playing anywhere in the world. So my question is: are the new ones really region code 1?

    Would be so glad for getting a reply to this question.
    All the best, Lale


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