KX Pilates


Time: 50 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, chest, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Reformer, dumbells, ball, ring and box

I only found out recently that this isn’t a proper pilates class! As it was my first reformer pilates class and it was advertised as pilates I thought it would actually be pilates. Turns out it wasn’t! This is the blurb: “KX Pilates is a revolutionary new fast paced, High Intensive body-toning workout that fuses the core strengthening elements of traditional Pilates with circuit, cardio and endurance training.” So although it does have SOME of the pilates principals, it does lots of things that aren’t about pilates.

For someone who exercises everyday I was arrogant enough to believe this would be a breeze- it was not! I do the Tracy Anderson Method almost every day and yoga and mat pilates on average once a week, I think what makes these classes so tough is the added weight as I only ever usually use 1lb weights. Compared to mat pilates there is also the added benefit that because you’re on the reformer your balance is really challenged and because of the positioning the exercises target right where they need to.

I found the leg exercises the easiest, the ab exercises were also pretty easy although challenging at times, the arm exercises were a lot harder (this is probably due to not using high weights at home) and the chest exercises were near impossible!

I came out of the class feeling quite exhausted but with an elevated mood and not in any real pain. I also noticed my posture had improved and I could feel that the exercises had targeted my lower stomach. The following day I noticed that my shoulders and arms muscles were bigger, which wasn’t a surprise due to the weight used and as the movements used in the class were traditional exercise movements that go in straight lines which generally build muscle- bicep curls, push ups and leg presses as opposed to diagonal movements that your body is less used to, which are generally deployed in the Tracy Anderson Method.

I’d rather that my arms weren’t increasing in size, so I will try and counteract this by just going to pilates once a week (as it’s beneficial to your posture in ways other exercise methods aren’t) and doing the Tracy Anderson Method on the other days.

Your class experience really varies depending on who your teacher is, some employ more traditional pilates methods while others are like something out of a drill sergent led boot camp- focusing on isolating, exhausting and building your large muscle groups.

After finding out that this wasn’t a traditional pilates reformer class I finished the set of classes that I had paid for and tried a reformer pilates class elsewhere

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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