Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance for Beginners

Time 61 minutes
Equipment needed: None

Hooray! Tracy has blessed us with a brand new cardio DVD with 1hr (and 1 minute)’s worth of material. The DVD is described as being “ab sculpting” I’m not really sure why this would be as it’s just normal cardio with no particular ab work- I suppose it’s just a buzz phrase they’ve used to make the DVD sound like it’s got added benefits.

This DVD is so refreshing as it has new music, new outfits and a new background. Although the menu screen music is from the xbox transform series that Tracy did.

Tracy performs these routines in a dimly lit (don’t worry there’s good lighting on her) atmospheric room, with what looks like metal textured walls and with an industrial cement floor- think what it would look like if All Saints made exercise DVDs.

Her outfits are great and she wears a new one for each new 15 minute workout.

What makes this cardio DVD different to all her others is that she provides you with CONSTANT instructions- really helpful.

The cardio routines are divided into 4X 15 minute sections, which you have the option to play all at once. Unfortunately as Tracy offers an introduction before she begins each section if you do play these all at once you will have to take a break/skip past where Tracy stands and talks to the camera.

The basics

15 minutes

The workouts are very easy to follow and much like The Method for Beginners weighted cardio section Tracy introduces a new move slowly into the routine and really nurses you through the moves. The workouts are mostly step touching, although there are a few star jumps and other jumps. This DVD will raise your heart rate but it will by no means work you as hard as some of Tracy’s other DVDs.

Get Moving

15 minutes

This workout has a different routine then the first one, but it’s the same sort of principals.

Cardio Connection

15 minutes

This workout is very similar to the first two- new short routine, with each move slowly introduced and there’s not too much jumping.

Cardio Blast

16 minutes

Tracy looks amazing in this section, she’s wearing a yellow crop top so we can all be motivated by her gorgeous flat and toned stomach. Although this follows the same principals as the previous cardio sections this is a lot more challenging- the majority of the cardio is jumping- much more like metamorphosis cardio. Tracy ends the sequence with a few arm exercises.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

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