Get Stronger and Leaner with Dumbells Exercise Routine

Tracy Anderson, center, teacher a fitness class in New York.

This is my exercise routine using the How to design your own exercise routine principals.

I have ongoing knee and shin problems, so on the advice of my physiotherapist I’m very slowly building myself up to doing full exercise, which means that at the moment I’m only doing step touching dance cardio and limiting myself on the exercises that hurt my knees for example lunges.

My last routine was Perfect Design 1 with Days 1-10 30 Day Method add on, due to my knee problems I’m unable to move onto the next Tracy Anderson routines I was planning to do so I’ve moved onto one that is more knee friendly.

Warm up from Post Pregnancy 2 (6 minutes)

Demi plie from Perfect Design Series 2 (4 minutes) I’m doing this move to build up the strength in my knees

Tracy Anderson Get Stronger and Leaner with Dumbbells (18 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score a sexy cleavage (4 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Health Jiggly Bits Transformed (6 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Hip Shake (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson Twist and Kick (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson Hot body at any age 30s (11 minutes)

How to get a body like Molly Sims (9 minutes)

Eva Fraser Facial Fitness

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