Stacey Nemour Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1 Exercise Routine


This is my exercise routine using the How to design your own exercise routine principals.

I have ongoing knee and shin problems, so on the advice of my physiotherapist I’m very slowly building myself up to doing full exercise, which means that at the moment I’m only doing step touching dance cardio and limiting myself on the exercises that hurt my knees for example lunges.

At the moment I’ve got a good varied exercise routine and I’m keeping myself busy, exercising almost every day. Currently I’m going to warm yoga twice a week, reformer pilates twice a week, doing a Tracy Anderson routine (Get stronger and Leaner with Dumbbells) once a week and doing Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1

As the Splits and Flexibility Routine only works your legs I’ve added on some other exercises to get a full body workout:

Warm up from Tracy Anderson Dr Oz Fitness Myths (1 minute)

How to get a body like JLO 7/7 (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson TriBeCa Standing Abs (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score a sexy cleavage (4 minutes)

30 mins Tracy Anderson dance cardio

Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1 (58 minutes)

Eva Fraser Facial Fitness

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