Reformer Pilates


Time: 45 or 60 mins
Areas worked: Chest, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Reformer

After becoming disappointed with my kx pilates sessions- that inflated my thighs and made it near impossible to walk downstairs I decided to try a PROPER PURE Pilates class on the reformer.

The class was nice and easy as I was familiar with the majority of the moves from doing my More than Mat Pilates Advanced DVD. The leg moves were fluid and I felt like a ballerina, the ab moves weren’t too challenging, however the arm moves were tough! Being conditioned to being REALLY GOOD at lifting just 1lb weights, it was a lot harder using the weight on the machine.

Walking home my after my workout posture was perfect! It didn’t really feel like a workout as I didn’t break a sweat or really get my heart rate up but I enjoyed it so I’m going to keep going. I’m looking forward to it getting more challenging- not on my arms though!

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