Warm Yoga


Time: 1hr
Areas worked: Legs and stomach
Equipment needed: None

I’ve recently been going to warm yoga classes and I love them!

When I used to live in Singapore it was so much easier to get a good stretch and get further into yoga poses thanks to the heat and humidity. Now I live in a (mostly) cooler country I don’t have the natural heat and moisture to aid me so it’s been great going to warm yoga classes.

I’ve previously tried hot yoga classes but found that the heat was too much and rather then making the class more relaxing it was actually unpleasant experiencing moments such as sweat dripped into your eyes doing downward facing dog, or being unable to get a grip on the mat because your whole body is so slippery, the only pose I wanted to do was corpse pose.

The classes that I go to are good because the majority of the moves are doable however a few new moves are introduced in each class which are more challenging. If you go to warm or hot yoga classes you really need to make sure you drink LOADS of water as it’s so easy to get dehydrated and end up with a headache.

A great side effect of the classes, as well as further detoxification is having a really good night’s sleep afterwards.

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