New Tracy Anderson Website on the Way


Exciting news Tracy Anderson fans! There’s a new Tracy Anderson Website on the way. 🙂 🙂 🙂

When interviewed about the website which will launch after Thanksgiving, Tracy said “It’s going to be more active, I’m going to take some baby-step approaches with it…while I perfect my desire to be telescoped live in a really authentic way to people all over the world at a really affordable price.”

Fans will be pleased to hear that Tracy’s new website will include content from her master classes. Yaaay! So it looks like she’s listened to the multiple requests for there to be video access to her classes. Even though Tracy already has a plethora of DVDs available, fans are keen to experience the energy and great playlists of Tracy’s master classes, which the majority of fans are unable to experience due to geography and the price tag. It doesn’t look like access to these videos will be free though as Tracy mentions that they’ll come at an “affordable price”.

The model could perhaps be something similar to what former Tracy Anderson trainers Anna Kaiser and Yin Yue have adopted with a monthly video subscription channel.

Tracy already regularly posts 15 second videos of her classes on instagram which are all warmly received by fans who are desperate for more material and are curious about what it’s like to experience a master class.

So that leaves us with the questions of..

  • How often will Tracy post the classes?
  • Does this take away from the appeal of attending the classes/vitality weeks in the flesh with the higher price tag?
  • Will this fit in with those on metamorphosis?
  • Will Tracy continue to bring out DVDs? (I bet she will!)

So what do you think? Will you pay for new Tracy material? Are you as excited as me? Will we ever get enough Tracy Anderson Method?!

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