Grilled steak with melted anchovies and rosemary.

Grilled steak

Now I don’t eat any meat apart from fish, but my husband really wanted to try this and he absolutely loved it so I thought I’d include it in the blog.

He describes it as “A really good recipe, I really liked the sauce, it was very quick and simple to make. The saltness of anchovies and rosemary was a good combination. Very satisfying, I will definitely use the same recipe again.”

This recipe is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book “It’s all good

Serves 4

  • Four 6oz pieces of beef tenderloin at room temperature
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 8 good quality anchovies
  • Leaves from rosemary, very very finely chopped

Rub the steaks all over with oil and then season generously with salt and pepper. Sit for at least 5 minutes before cooking.

Heat a cast iron pan or a grill over high heat.

Put the steaks in the pan or on the grill and cook until nicely charred on the bottom. Add 2 to 3 minutes then flip them over. Cook until the other side is nicely charred and then add 2 more minutes. This will give you medium-rare steaks. Remove the steaks to a warm plate and let them rest for at least 5 minutes. Heat 1/4 cup of olive oil in a small skillet over a medium heat. Add the anchovies and cook stirring with a spoon until they dissolve into the oil. Add the rosemary and cook for 1 minute. Slice the steaks, spoon the mixture over them and sprinkle with more salt.

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