Tracy Anderson Dangerous Arms

Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: None

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

5 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Dangerous Arms

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Steph,

      Thank you so much for subscribing and for your feedback 🙂 A lot of Tracy’s videos (the 1 minute ones) which are filmed at her studios give us an insight into what we can expect in her future DVD and metamorphosis releases. Also I love seeing her new moves even if we only get a snippet of them. You can always increase the the number of reps if you’re looking for more material to add onto your workout. I will always post any new Tracy material that I can find, obviously I’d prefer to find longer workouts but I’ll also post the shorter stuff too.

      If you have any more feedback as to what you enjoy reading and what you’d like to see in the future I’d love to hear from you 🙂

  1. steph

    Oh! I will never remember to add the 1 min moves to my workout. Maybe if I pin them all together or something 🙂 Thanks for the response.

  2. Becky

    That’s me in the back of the room. Vitality was incredible! Full of positive energy & killer two hour workouts. If you get a chance to train with her live she is just as down to earth & personable as she appears.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      That’s so cool Becky! Were you star struck when you met her? I would love to train with her! Living in Australia doesn’t help but one day I’ll make it happen 🙂


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