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Tracy has released video streaming subscription on her website, which gives you access to her weekly master class. Every Wednesday a new video will be made available and the previous one will disappear.

This is my review of the first class

tracy-anderson-at-home_2014_12Dec 17th 2014

Time: 55 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 3X ankle weights, 2X 1lb weights

I’ve just finished this workout and even with the small movements needed to type I can feel the effects of the workout!

When you gain access to your subscription you’ll have access to 3 videos:

  • An Introduction from Tracy
  • Trainer Breakdown
  • TA Master Class

The Introduction from Tracy is super dooper cute and gives you a quick glimpse into her morning routine- waking up with Penny (we even get to see her NY bedroom!) getting her morning shake and a quick chat with Steven Beltrani her rep. Tracy is mega loveable in this clip and it really feels like she’s talking TO YOU, which is so refreshing as sometimes in interviews you can tell that she gets frustrated with the interviewer/agenda/struggle to effectively convey her message.

Trainer Breakdown. You should view this before you do the TA Master Class. Tracy’s ultra beautiful, friendly, talented trainer Maria Davidson takes us through this and explains the angles in the TA Master Class leg series. You might recognise her from the Good Morning America Beach Body Challenge video. I think I knew I was in for trouble as when I did these moves along with her during the breakdown I found it challenging, I hoped this was down to not being warmed up, now I know this was a very optimistic/misguided hope!

TA Master Class aka The Goods. This starts off with a friendly little intro from Tracy before she gets down to the workout. The music is great- if you want a preview of the workout I’ve posted a couple of snippets on my instagram I would say the music gives a massive advantage to the video streaming over her DVDs. Who isn’t completely sick of the meta music? And for those who have made their own playlists- who doesn’t quickly get bored of them/struggle to find decent music to work out to? Tracy’s is all current, upbeat with lots of dance mixes of chart songs. It really helps you understand and predict Tracy’s rhythms and moves- particularly the standing arms and abs. Whereas with her DVDs Tracy will perform the moves listening to her own playlist but during the edit a different soundtrack is put over the top. Working out TO THE MUSIC is really exhilarating and uplifting and it’ll spur you along and hopefully prevent the urge to roll over and die!

This is purely muscular structure but fear not there’s lots of jumping initially so it’ll feel like cardio. Also the workout is pretty hardcore so initially while your (or my) body adjusts you’ll be ok without the cardio.

Tracy does lots of jumping during the free arms, I maybe over enthusiastically joined in with all of this- my knees are slowly recovering from ongoing problems which means I should only do a limited amount of jumping, but I was so keen to do the workout well I probably did a bit too much.

The standing arms last about 20 minutes and I was sweating by the end of them. It’s good to have such a long arm workout, as those who are used to meta/her shorter dvds will be used to much less arm attention. The arm moves themselves aren’t difficult- a lot her dvd workouts are definitely harder, it’s just the duration, speed and all the jumping that gets you.

The arms are followed by the leg series, then running in plank abs.

It is really fun doing the workout along with everyone in the class, it feels “real”. I’m incredibly jealous that I don’t get to try the bouncy floors, they look like so much fun. Also the sometimes shakiness and everyone sweating adds to the appeal as you’re sweating like crazy at home- NOT looking pretty, which is a stark contrast to working out to a made-up Tracy with a clean polished background in her meta DVDs.

The quality isn’t amazing, the camera went out of focus on a few occasions but it wasn’t that annoying, the biggest problem was the angle. Watching Tracy from above and behind her made it pretty difficult to follow her standing abs and arms,  I know she’s stood in front of a mirror but it’s difficult to get a comprehensive view. You know when you watch little snippets of her Vitality weeks on instagram and while Tracy’s looking fierce everyone else around her looks like they don’t know what the hell they’re doing? Well that was definitely me. I don’t know why I ever judged those people! The legs are a lot easier to follow, but still the angle is definitely less than ideal and there’s a particular move where she goes straight forward from a bent knee but because of the way she is positioned in relation to the camera it’s hard to tell what she’s doing. I suppose the breakdown should clarify this, you can always take a glance at what the other students in the class are doing, but then again quite a few of them are struggling too. And I’m so glad that they are! I have to say I have a completely new respect for Tracy and her trainers from doing that class, they are beyond hardcore, as are her students who regularly survive their classes! I don’t know how anyone could regularly attend those classes and not have a perfect body.

This is THE HARDEST TRACY ANDERSON WORKOUT I’VE EVER DONE. So this is definitely not for beginners. To give you some background I’ve done almost all of her non meta DVDs, a lot of her webisodes and magazine workouts and the first few meta workouts. I’m definitely not one of the fittest TAMmers thanks to knee problems that means I can only currently step touch dance cardio. Although I regularly do the Tracy Anderson Method I also do a lot of pilates, yoga and I’m currently doing a flexibility DVD so I don’t get in as much muscular structure as a lot of Tracy users. The most recent Tracy workout that I did was Health and Fitness Get your perfect body which doesn’t include ankle weights, so I think the use of the ankle weights definitely made it more challenging, especially when she doubled up the ankle weights towards the end of the sequence.

If you have done other Tracy workouts and/or her webisodes this will work in your favour as they’ll be a few familiar moves/angles. Some of the moves were easier then others, although quite a few involved some awkward twisting and you could really feel it targeting your hips and weird areas/ muscles that you didn’t even know that you had.

The workout ends with standing abs, which is blissful after all the punishing leg work and you feel like your spine is going back into place. I think my form must’ve been pretty bad and my posture was terrible, I’m sure my pilates teacher would’ve been gutted if she’d had watched me!

Tracy anderson abs

Tracy takes her top off at the end of the workout revealing her perfect torso. Once you’ve done this workout you’ll feel you worked so hard you’ll think that you actually now have Tracy’s body. I was disappointed when I took my top off before getting in the shower to discover this wasn’t the case. But actually i’ve got to tell you my body definitely looked better then before I did this workout and that wasn’t just down to altered perception thanks to delirium! If you regularly follow these workouts there’s no way you’re not going to look unbelievably stunning. And your fitness levels and endorphins will be through the roof.

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7 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

  1. Beth Ann

    Just ordered the live streaming! I started and then stopped TA Meta a few times but am so excited to start the live streaming. I’m hoping it will keep my interest 😉 I bought a space heater for my guest room to keep the temp up but am thinking about buying a humidifier. I want to be able to sweat like they do at studio, but my space heater isn’t cutting it. What do you use? My live streaming order still says “Processing” so hopefully I’ll be able to start soon. Loved your post! Thanks for the information!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Beth, so glad you loved my post, thank you! 😀

      I do have a couple of humidifiers but I actually haven’t used them with workouts yet. I used to live in Singapore where it’s 95% humidity so I didn’t ever need to add any with the workouts. Now I live in Australia I definitely don’t need to add any heat at the moment now it’s Summer. To be honest I’m struggling so much with the new streaming workouts as they are so I definitely don’t need to add any humidity or extra heat at the time being, but I think I will in the future. My humidifiers aren’t really anything special, I just bought them from the local chemist, mostly to put on at night if I have a sore throat.

      So far these workouts have kept my interest, I think it’s because they’re only online for a limited time so I feel like I want to make the most of them while they’re there.

      I hope your order processes soon, let me know what you think about it when you get it 😀

  2. Lola

    So, do I have to watch it on your computer or is there anyway I can download it to a usb, so I can connect it to my TV?
    Sounds pretty interesting, thanks for the good review!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Lola,

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed my review 🙂

      You can watch it on your computer however a lot of people have managed to watch it to their tv; you can either do this by having a smart tv (that connects to the internet) or by connecting your laptop to the tv and watching it that way. There probably is a way to download it to a usb, however I don’t personally know how you’d do this. Best of luck if you decide to go ahead and feel free to ask any other questions you have in the future 🙂

  3. Barbie Lee

    hello. is the vjdeo streaming live and and how many live streamings can i join every week. I online workouts with live video streamings that i can join everyday.

    and why do i need a humidifier and heater whenever i workout the TA METHOD.
    Pls reply thank you

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Barbie,

      Thanks for commenting. Even though it’s called “live” streaming, it’s not actually live, it’s recorded normally during Tracy’s masterclass then posted later on.

      There are typically 2 video masterclasses available every week- 1 masterclass (advanced) and 1 beginners class, although sometimes they don’t post new beginners classes. There are also lot of cardio videos available, one type which is follow along (non choreographed but may feature some of her dance routines from her DVDs) about 30-45 minutes of dance cardio and the other which is TAVA cardio, which is a choreographed (you get the breakdown as well), low impact dance cardio, these aren’t always updated weekly, but you can view all of the videos from the previous weeks.

      It’s up to you if you add a humidifier and heater whenever you work out, you don’t need to have one but Tracy recommends it for better results as the heat makes your muscles more pliable.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    Hahahaha…I’m dying because I am always surprised when I catch myself in the mirror while I am doing her workouts and realize, oh you don’t quite look like her yet. Lololololol. I FEEL like I do, though, because you work all those damn muscles!


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