Tracy Anderson Mat Workout For Beginners


This video is shot in the same location as her Cardio Dance for Beginners DVD. So great lighting, futuristic/industrial background and Tracy is wearing a microphone! There are 3 workouts which you progress through, so hopefully by the time you’ve completed the last workout you’re ready to move onto something more challenging.

Full Body Beginner
photo 1
Time: 24 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: None

Tracy is extra nice in this video, she smiles a lot and makes helpful comments and encouraging remarks. Tracy really supports you through each step of this workout, so it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the method or you’re progressing from the The Method for Beginners. This is very much a beginner DVD so if you’re at the ability level of metamorphosis or perfect design etc you definitely won’t be pushing yourself if you use this video. The last Tracy workout I did before this was the Video Streaming, so this felt like heaven in comparison! That being said it’s not EASY. There is a particular move that involves you pushing yourself up from lying down to sitting up that needs a bit of stamina and strength. The workout unfolds as follows:

  • Standing arms
  • Standing abs (a very small amount)
  • Stretches on the floor
  • Leg work on the floor (mostly on your side) this dvd seems to mostly work your hips
  • Some stretches

All of the leg moves are 20 reps each, apart from the last move that is 30 reps. Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Leaning on elbow on side kick to ceiling. 20 20

On side bend knee in and back 20 20

Roll from stomach to side and kick leg back 20 20

side scissor kick 20 20

Sitting to lying side kick 20 20

Lying side knee bent to kick up 30 30

The workout is only 24 minutes long, which is pretty short for a Tracy workout (normally she does 30 minutes minimum) so it must really be focused on the beginners who would ideally need to eventually increase their workout time.

Even though I’m at a more advanced level then these workouts I’m happy to do them because I love any Tracy material I can get and sometimes it’s great to break things down and focus on form.

Chair Sequence
photo 2
Time: 24 minutes
Areas Worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, chair

I think this workout is a little more challenging then the Full Body Beginner as all of the leg work is performed standing up- so you can’t just lie on the floor and kick your leg; all of your body is participating. This workout seems to work the hip/lower side area of the back, which is a tough area to reach and mine definitely needs some work so I welcome it. There are less stretches in this workout and the structure of the routine is slightly different then the Full Body Beginner- here it is:

  • Standing arms
  • Arms with weights
  • Standing leg work behind the chair
  • Standing abs (no she didn’t forget them!)

The majority of the reps are 20, although the last two are 30 reps- whereas the first workout on the dvd only has one exercise with 30 reps.

Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Standing by chair hip opening to the side then straight out to the side 20 20

One leg infront of the other lean forward 5 5

leaning on back of chair knee in and then kick to the side 20 20

Standing kick leg out to side 20 20

Leg forward then sweep back into attitude touching chair 20 20

Cross one leg over the other and bend both knees and swap behind 20 20

leaning on chair Pulse and lift leg up 30 30

Rotate knee in and then kick straight back 30 30

Full Body Intermediate
photo 3
Time 26 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
1lb weights, ankle weights

This is definitely more challenging then the Chair Sequence as Tracy has added ankle weights and the moves become more complex-one of Tracy’s moves in particular is similar to one of her moves she deploys in her streaming workouts. Having said that it is still a doable workout as it’s once again not too long and Tracy only keeps all the leg moves to 20 reps each. This workout is similar to her previous ones on this disc as it includes free arms, then standing arms with weights then onto legs, however it doesn’t include a standing abs section. Although Tracy says that your abs will be worked throughout the legs work as they’re needed to stabilise the body through the moves that require some balance there aren’t any moves that are primarily aimed at the stomach, except maybe the short bridge pose at the end of the leg sequence. For the leg work I definitely felt it working my glute and hip- really your hips will be burning by the end of this workout, but it’s not excruciating, it’s a nice challenge. I may have found this more challenging then usual as I did this for the first time the day after I had progressed a level in a pilates reformer class that involved heavier weights. I prefer this sequence to the chair sequence as there aren’t any awkward moves that involve leaning over to the chair with your leg in the air and time seems to fly.

Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Side bridge onto knee with other leg up 20 20

Frog legs open then lean onto side and kick 20 20

Lie on side leg straight out infront lift and bend 20 20

Bend knee in and then lift leg up and back a bit 20 20

Circle leg to the front and then behind 20 20

On side frog legs back 20 20

Kick leg up back open diagonal 20 20

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2 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Mat Workout For Beginners

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Surleen, did you see my reply to your first question? : Hi Surleen,

      It’s cool that you’re doing this dvd, is this your first Tracy Anderson workout you’ve tried? I’m not sure how many calories are burnt in this DVD, it’s also difficult to calculate the number of calories burnt as that will differ per person, I think there are some heart rate monitors that are more sophisticated that can help you work out how many calories you burn so you could try wearing one of them and seeing what it says? Do you need to calculate the number of calories you burn in a day?


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