My Workout Routine Feb 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

Since I got married I’ve been a lot more relaxed with my eating and exercise (prior to the wedding I was on Perricone and exercising daily) it’s not a huge rebellion, I’m still exercising and I’m not letting my eating go off the rails, but I’m no longer on Perricone so I’m in a happy place eating what I fancy and luckily what I fancy is generally healthy good quality food.


Recently I had really gotten into a really happy place with exercise. This involved going to a Pilates class once a week, doing a Yoga DVD once a week, and on the other days doing Stacey Nemour’s Secret of Splits and Flexibilty DVD, or a Tracy Anderson workout (mostly a magazine workout and webisodes). I was also doing over 12500 steps a day (according to my pedometer) and 30 minutes cardio. I saw really good results from sticking to this and it was completely maintainable. Previously I would do 1 hour cardio but I just ended up really resenting it and getting sick of listening to the same old music so 30 minutes + getting some walking in really worked for me.


When the new Tracy Anderson streaming came out I was desperate to start as soon as possible so I wouldn’t miss any days or new workouts. Unfortunately I still had to work through my existing workouts that I hadn’t finished 10 cycles of which included Stacey Nemour, some of my other Tracy Anderson workouts as well as Pilates and yoga which meant that to get everything in, very often I had to double up my workouts eg do a streaming workout followed by Stacey Nemour and some more Tracy Anderson. I ended up skipping cardio and my goal of 12500 steps a day as I didn’t simply didn’t have enough time.

To get an idea of how much I was doing, last Thursday I managed to fit in 2 streamed master classes and last Sunday I ended up doing:

Making it 142 minutes/ 2 hours and 22 minutes exercising in total.

Shortly afterwards I started getting the symptoms of a yeast infection! 😦 Annoyingly this took over a week to clear up and coincided with going on holiday which included long car journeys so it was extra uncomfortable. I found out that lots of exercise can cause a yeast infection, so this has definitely made me weary going forward. As getting better has been my main priority, with the exception of some yoga I haven’t done much exercise at all. I think this has also taught me to listen to my body, especially when it’s telling me to take a break. I had this before, when my knee problems got particularly bad- on the advice of my physio I had to cut out squats, lunges, plies and all dance cardio even step touching, which was hard to come to terms with initially as I had it drilled into my head that exercise is GOOD for you and important and I need to keep at it, but I’m grateful that I’m now recovering and I’m able to do workouts that I didn’t used to be able to. So I need to apply that same logic with my workouts currently. I am really keen to get into the live streaming but not at the detriment of my health so I’m currently taking it easy and not doing too much exercise, although it is driving me crazy a bit as I’m desperate to move around! Once I’m fully recovered I will start exercising again but I’m going to ease my way back into it, make sure I shower after every hour of exercise and cap my workouts at 2 hours.

A few weeks later….

photo 1

I’m now settled into a new workout routine that includes yoga, Pilates and Tracy Anderson, this is what it looks like:

Every day I do 30 minutes cardio and aim to do at least 12500 steps


Tracy Anderson Full body Beginners (24 minutes) and Tracy Anderson Connect Arms (9 minutes) Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (4 minutes) with other mat work to make it up to 1 hr eg


1 hour reformer pilates class +Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (there’s not a lot of moves in my pilates class that target the chest) and Tracy’s arms eg We got love  as I find Tracy’s arm moves more effective then anything else


Advanced Yoga Hip opening + 35 minutes of other mat work to make it up to an hour eg

I’m getting on well with this routine and I’m slowly introducing more Tracy Anderson workouts into my week. I eventually want to be doing a Tracy Anderson DVD/live streaming workout 8 times a week (double Tracy on one day, but 2 different Tracy workouts, not the same one twice), the reason for this is because she keeps bringing out new content so if I don’t do this at least 8 times a week I will never catch up. Some other TAMMERs are doing their metamorphosis workouts alongside live streaming, as metamorphosis was something they committed to long before live streaming came out and they want to continue on that journey while still enjoying the new live streaming. These girls must be athletes! I definitely commend them and hope that I’ll be strong enough to build up to what they can manage.

How is everyone doing with their workouts?

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